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User Info: AkanubonOrih

10 years ago#1
First off you better have saved after the credits, or you'll have to beat it again.

As soon as you can, go to a harbor. The closest ones are on the northwest and northeast corners of the continent. Head to Alefgard, and then trek over to Megaruki's castle. Talk to her on the second floor. She'll tell you about your goal.

You must traverse the world again and seek out the colored orbs which are found in red tents which are given freely or sold for around 1500 gold, or search new caves scattered around which are given after a boss fight. Easily found with a Seer/Mapper combo. They show up as Xs on the map

There are six colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Silver. you must get four each of red, blue, green, and yellow and then use them at the alter on Slime Island.

Slime Island is an island that you can now access by boat at the Moonbrook harbor. it has a house with old team members you've kicked out, an alter to use colored orbs for new dungeons, and a cave which has a new monster you can use for your wagons.

At the Slime Island alter use colored orbs on the statues and talk to the cleric there to open new dungeons. Use four of one color, progress through the 15 floor dungeon and talk to the Spirit there. (if you don't have 4 colored orbs of any color, use one colored orb only, and go through the small dungeon. When you exit 8 more colored orbs will be scattered around the globe.)

I forget if you have to fight the Spirit or not. Either way it'll give you a new orb relative to what spirit you talked to.
The purple and silver orbs also bring you to Spirits, but they aren't needed for story progression.

Red colored orb - Fire Spirit - Fire Orb
Yellow colored orb - Earth Spirit - Earth Orb
Green colored orb - Wind Spirit - Wind Orb
Blue colored orb - Water Spirit - Water orb

once you have the four Spirit Orbs talk to the cleric again and he will open a new dungeon. Proceed to the end and you will find the lost Spirits. Free them, exit the dungeon, and go talk to them in their respective homes. They will give to you once again the Orbs of Loto. Use the Loto Orbs in the same place you did last time (near Domedy's Castle) to unearth another dungeon. At the end of which is Gizvarg. Destroy. Yay ending two!

After those credits you can save again. Now you can go to the Dragon Lord's castle and kill him for a new wagon monster. You can try to complete the monster compendium. You can try to get bigger, better, stronger monsters. You can build a stronger wagon team. Or... that's about it. Have at it!
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  3. This is what you do after you get the first ending.
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