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User Info: _Kaz

6 years ago#1
Saw the other topic:

So I loaded up CFC2 again and started a new game. Saw my deck had a ton of C-rank cards and, in a bit of boredom, decided to create an "easily-attainable" deck you can get in under 200 fights (before Kido opens up his B-rank and A-rank trades). It's pretty stitched together, but has all the right tools to keep up with the post-game Free Battle decks. (It won't stop that killer hand ... see: Krauser > Nakoruru-C + Reparation > Orochi, Kikaioh.)

Kim, Dong Hwan, Jae Hoon -- A trio of mediocrity, but Kim has an interesting []-ability
Heidern, Leona -- A solid pairing
Asra, Lilith -- Deck recyclers
Griffon M., Nemesis -- A solid pairing
Touma, Mikoto -- Mikoto's ()-ability is very powerful; Touma is along for the ride
Ken (3), Robert (2) -- Ken's really good for a C-rank; Robert isn't too bad either
Huitzil, Bloodia (2) -- When you don't have the SP to call Bloodia, it can still back-up.
Iori -- A rare 700+ BP C-rank; annoying ability can be removed
Kojiro -- Lots of SP and prevents /\-abilities, including Bloodia's.
Shigen -- A safety pick against high BP unions
Seishirou (3) -- A rare 700/5 wall that isn't B-rank or higher
Krizalid -- Lots of SP and can remove abilities
Twelve -- A safety against high BP cards
Anakaris (2) -- Decent BP and can remove abilities
Donovan -- Balanced BP/SP and can turn any card into back-up fodder
June -- A card to lock []-abilities
Batsu -- A card to use []-abilities
Zombie -- A safety against high BP cards; immediately effective with Batsu
Shoma -- A safer card then Ayame for quick SP
Edge -- Can remove enemy abilities
Hyo (2) -- Can remove ally abilities
Maki -- Potentially 1000 BP
Rock -- I get to give my crappy card and take from a better deck
Tron Bonne (2) -- Card facilitator
Escape -- Remove weakened cards
Raw Shield (2) -- Remove weakened cards, desperate grab for HP
Shopping -- Retrieve cards
Stifler (2) -- See opponent's hand
Cruel Hunt -- Safety against high BP cards
Robber -- Remove enemy/ally abilities
Snared -- Retrieve cards

There are (9) D-rank cards (Asra, Lilith, Seishiro, Blodia, Escape, Raw Shield) - the other (41) are fairly common C-rank.
There are, coincidentally, (41) character cards. Plus (3) ReAction and (6) Action. Action cards are to clean up the player's field, recover the player's HP, recover the player's best cards, and to see the opponent's hand. ReAction cards are to neutralize stronger cards and to recover the player's best cards. If possible, I would remove a Raw Shield (AC) for a G.Phantom (RE), but the need to keep one's HP high (for only 1 SP) is more important.

Only (5) cards have no abilities: Dong Hwan, Jae Hoon, Touma, Huitzil, and Zangief

The biggest weakness of his deck is that it gambles with your HP; the player WILL take hits if they want to clutter the enemy field. Though many cards can be upgraded to 800+ with a single back-up, only (3) naturally are, (1) might be, and (1) can be for defensive purposes. "Zombie" is the real wild card; the "BioHazard" actually corrupts the card it touches for the entire match.

I'm still really curious if there was any way to get LAST RESORT working; specifically to reliably get it in the first 5 turns.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

6 years ago#2
Hasukawa Kazuyaa posted...
Only (5) cards have no abilities: Dong Hwan, Jae Hoon, Touma, Huitzil, and Zangief

Seven: Dong Hwan, Jae Hoon, Nemesis, Touma, Robert (2), Huitzil
And there's no Zangief.
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User Info: _Kaz

6 years ago#3
Yeah, I kept flopping Zangief in and out a lot.

Haven't played around with Last Resort yet. Tried making a pure D-rank deck that would hold up ... not happening.
Fighter: "Mr Pibb", "Dr Pepper".. I'm onto you..
Kaz Fact: Welcome to Version 2.0!

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