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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

6 years ago#1
So I thought about this game recently and played some games for the first time in months.

I had two decks, High BP and Combo. The Combo deck involves killing 100 damage at a time which is too many clicks to actually play so I focused on High BP.

I just experimented with different stuff. It turns out that Kyo P is pretty awesome and should definitely be in the deck. In a vacuum, Wild Leona is better, but the deck has so many 0 SP characters that Wild Leona can sometimes hurt in that Kyo P 3 SP is a big deal. And being able to go straight to the player is surprisingly relevant too.

Instead of playing 5 SP characters like Morrigan P I decided to use Management to fetch up Psyche Up! as necessary while retaining versatility since searching up Best Shot! is never really bad unless you're short of SP in which case you probably want to get Psyche Up instead. You can get Lucky Kitty just to draw two cards vs Cap and he can't hit it with discard. Or get Stifler if your biggest worry is Reaction cards.

Due to the latter, I also decided to just take the plunge and play 3 Kikaioh. They're not great vs Neomantle in the mirror match but they take out Cap's Overheats and Sys' removal. Walking into reaction cards is pretty much the only way to easily lose games against Cap and Sys so its a big deal. Sys can really hit you hard with Cruel Hunt, G Fantom AND Time Bomb.

The list I settled on is:

3 Zero Akuma
3 Geese
3 Mech Zangief
3 Krauser
3 Wild Iori
3 Kikaioh
3 God Rugal
3 Akuma
3 Wild Leona
3 Rugal
3 Jin Saotome
3 Evil Ryu
3 Kyo P

3 Best Shot
3 Stifler
3 Management
1 Lucky Kitty
1 Psyche Up

I tried to keep the deck as straightahead as possible. I'd say I'm at least 95% (19-1 on average) vs Neomantle/Sys/Cap. Occasionally Cap can get you to zero cards in hand and then you draw badly or if Neomantle gets Wild Iori x2 or something like that its hard to survive.

The biggest key is to block if you're going second and wait for an opening to shift the momentum -- I experimented with not blocking but you almost always take too much early damage while the computer builds its board position. Akuma or Wild Iori or just blocking a 700 with Geese so that you end up with an 800 are great reversals. Evil Ryu can swing things too albeit a little trickier. Jin is also a great stallbreaker card since the computer almost always attacks into Jin with 700s..block then use his ability the next turn and a stalemate can become a blowout.

I've thought about playing Yashiro for even more swing potential, but I think hes a bit much since he sucks if you go first and can kinda suck depending on what you have to return going second (Wild Iori, Akuma, Andy esp).

There's also Bulleta/BB Hood but she can't block like Jin and playing 3 Jin+BB is asking to get nailed by Rugal in the mirror match. She is mostly good when you are ahead which is the opposite of what I was looking for.

Technically if I ran into someone playing a Yuki+Terry B+Cruel Hate deck I would add in 3 Anakaris and probably take out 3 (presumably useless) Wild Iori.

User Info: ZoqFotPik

6 years ago#2
It's hard to argue against 36 A-rank characters (and 3 S-ranks)... and only 6 of those are below 800 BP.

I could say that you might fare poorly against a Trashing deck (Fou's), but you have nine character cards (Rugal, Jin, Evil Ryu) who stop abilities or ability users, and Wild Leona can cripple those in stun. (Also, characters with trashing powers usually have low-BP.)

I've been playing Battle mode a bit, trying to create a low-tier deck (~30 C-ranks) and I find that the CPU decks are fairly surprising. Cap's and Sys' are almost tailored to work around the AI's weaknesses (handling abilities, union attacks), but the other decks (after you beat the game) are well thought-out. The computer is even more dangerous if it gets rolling (say from a first attack).

Asou's for example is very RE-heavy; Asou's characters aren't too impressive, but with the right combination of RE cards, can inflict heavy direct damage. Zet has a heavy back-up deck, and more often than I'd like, I've been on the receiving end of his 3000+BP Natsu/Strider or Natsu/Guile combos.
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

6 years ago#3
Yeah, the deck themes are actually pretty well put together. If you play bad or make mistakes you can definitely lose to most of the post-game characters.

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