Hex Editing RACE savestates

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User Info: sexytemari

7 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to hack savestats from the RACE emulator for the psp? The race emulator can be found on the cfc2english website. This is mostly because I want GOD Rugal and Shin Gouki.

I have tried looking at the save state faq but that is only for Neopop and while I believe you can use Neopop save states on RACE you can't use RACE's save states on Neopop

Thank you

User Info: roughtimes

7 years ago#2
I think the topic at the bottom of the page has some info on this.

Let me us know if you figure it out because I want to mess with the hex as well. This is a great game but there is a little too much grinding for me. I have played 170 games and I only have one M. Bison. Am I missing something or some kind of trick to getting better cards?

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#3
in terms of getting better cards, if you use the FAQ it tells you which opponents give what so you can sort of target who to fight in free battle based on what you want to get.

Its definitely not foolproof, but it helps alot if you assemble a high BP deck because thats about the fastest way to grind through games in my experience.

It took me way, way too long to get every card except God Rugal and Shin Gouki who I hex edited for. I don't even wnat to tell to tell you how many games or hours..basically when I was just sitting around I would open the game and grind a few games.
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User Info: roughtimes

7 years ago#4
That's about what I thought.

Some times I will play 3-4 games and get all old cards. This is a fun game but they made the card finding a little too hard. I don't really want to play 1000 games just to get the cards I'm looking for.

User Info: TheFlav

7 years ago#5
I don't know how technical you guys are, but I will recommend looking at the source code of RACE's flash emulation.

see http://koyote-land.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/koyote-land/RACE/
look at flash.cpp and flash.h

It uses the same savegame file structure as NeoPop (also open source). Essentially, the emulator loads the ROM in memory, and then it uses the savegame to write certain data over the top of the ROM file (that's in memory).

There's nothing real tricky about hacking the save data. You just have to know what you're doing. When you know how the savegame files work, then use the savegame hacking guide.


User Info: roughtimes

7 years ago#6
This is from a topic on page 2

"Simple enough. I've returned the save file with 9 of every card. (actually, I missed the last RE card, but that can be gotten from the Recycling machine -- see my other FAQ)

For future edits, just get the version NeoPOP listed in the FAQ. Since RACE uses the same battery-save type that NeoPOP uses (NGF) , just transfer your PSP's NGF file to your computer. This way you can make a NeoPOP savestate (NGS) that you can edit using any sort of HEX editor out there.

Load your edited NGS file with NeoPOP and make a new NGF file (choose the in-game option to save and then quit NeoPOP) and you now have an NGF file for RACE."

it works

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#7
I don't really want to play 1000 games just to get the cards I'm looking for.

It won't take 1000 but you are definitely looking at over 500 depending on how efficient you and also on what you are trying to do. I would guess that getting every card is like 700 games or something.

Note that As are really easy to get because there are so few and the shop cycles every five or so games. Specific Bs are actually the hardest to get in multiples because the shop can cycle many times without putting up the card you're looking for.

I remember needing Kikaioh and Psyche Up as two of my last cards. You will likely end up needing some As to complete your collection but thats because you will never trade for junk like Fellowship until you literally don't need anything else
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User Info: roughtimes

7 years ago#8

I don't mind grinding for cards but I had to give up on this one. I played an hour of games the other night and got nothing new or even anything I needed.

So I finally hacked the save to give me 9 copies of everything (very easy actually). Now let's see how long I continue playing.

I have tried to make some theme decks and it has been fun but playing against Cap is just disgusting with anything less than a top level deck.

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#9
The only thing to really do once you have every card is to try and build the best deck possible. Caps not so tough once you have access to every card. You may end up playing the mirror match vs Neomantle the most (but the AI is really dumb so its the challenge you might hope)

I've tried building combo decks in addition to pure beatdown, and I've also mulled over trying to deck the opponent with Blanka, Q, etc -- but the problem is that you have to survive so long.

Most of the other things you could try are gimmicky and will roll over to Cap pretty hard (backup decks, etc)

Here is my latest decklist if you want to try it and see judge how good it is for yourself and/or see if you can improve (probably you can!)

The fat
3 Geese
3 Zero Akuma (if you play less than 6 remember to cut Geese first since Zero Akuma gets Akuma backup)
3 Mech Zangief
2 Krauser

the triumvirate
3 Wild Iori
3 WIld Leona
3 Evil Ryu

the second triumvirate
3 God Rugal
3 Akuma
3 Rugal

the rest
3 Jin Saotome
2 BB Hood
1 Terry B
1 Ryo (H)
1 Morrigan (P)
2 Rose

3 Best Shot
2 Lucky Kitty
1 Psyche Up
3 Stifler
1 Management
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon FC 013168946486

User Info: roughtimes

7 years ago#10
looks good

I will try it tonight


anyone know how to unlock the hidden bosses? I know it says hold the "option" button over certain characters in free battle but I'm playing on a psp and have no idea what the option button is.

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