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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#1
The thread is archived or I would post there. I just tested my deck and went 8-2 vs Cap with mostly easy wins. One loss was due to questionable decision making, the other was a legit loss though.

My deck can survive alot of discards per game too.

Game 1: Turn 7 W
Game 2: Turn 5 W
Game 3: Turn 7 W, five discards if you count Sougetsu and he has active Terry B vs my (basically) all 1000 deck.
Game 4: Turn 6 LOSS
Game 5: Turn 5 W
Game 6: Turn 5 W
Game 7: Turn 12 LOSS
Game 8: Turn 6 W
Game 9: Turn 6 W
Game 10: Turn 6 W

In Game 4 Loss the scenario is
Cap: Ryu 1000, frozen Terry B 700 (but ability negated by God Rugal), 3000 Life
Me: God Rugal 900, Evil Ryu 700, BB Hood 500, 1700 life

I am playing these games fast and so attack with GR and Evil Ryu without realizing it will force me to chump block with BB Hood the next turn. Then Cap Overheats away my last two cards.

Then he untaps and plays DAIGO

I should have used Rugals ability on his Ryu so he couldn't kill my BB Hood and saved Evil Ryu for blocking.

Game 7 Loss I hurt myself by using my Terry B aggressively without getting enough offense into play. That depletes my hand so then this hapens

Turn 6: Andy discards my only card
Turn 7: I use Terry B against his Andy, he Sougetsu's
Turn 8: no cards
Turn 9: I draw Stifler but he has no hand
Turn 10: Sougetsu again

This was the only game I felt I was in bad position, even before turn 6

My Deck:
2 Krauser
3 Mech Zangief
3 Zero Akima
3 Geese
3 Wild Leona
3 Wild Iori
2 Kikaioh
3 God Rugal
3 Akuma
2 Rugal
3 Jin Saotome
1 Terry B
3 Evil Ryu
1 Morrigan P
1 Rose
1 Omokan Saki
1 Anakaris
2 BB Hood

2 Psyche Up
3 Best Shot
2 Lucky Kitty
3 Stifler

Honestly, with tight play I think I would go 10-0 most of the time.

Most of the < 800 characters can be changed to taste. I justify 3 Evil Ryu and 3 Akuma because they can also serve as backups. Rugal is anti-Terry B basically, and can backup God Rugal which makes him a pseudo-Krauser. God Rugal can also shut down Terry B but if you don't have him its not a huge loss and I would still play Rugal as anti-Terry B.

Omokan Saki is just a trick to fetch Anakaris in case the character that prevents 800+ characters being played is out. The computer never plays this card however (Yuki I think?) and there are other options as well. In all other situations Anakaris is an inferior Rugal.

Morrigan P is there because sometimes you need to go from 0 to 5 SP so you can unite and also because her ability lets you get rid of characters if your side gets backed up with wounded characters. Rose also gives you an immediate 5 SP and helps in situations where you need a certain character. Alot of my decks characters are very conditional and not good outside of specific scenarios so Rose helps with that and I should probably play a second Rose.

Kikaioh is anti-Overheat but it often slows everything down a turn to play him since he gives no SP, so that I don't know if I like him or not. If the computer used alot more G Fantoms or other Reaction kill cards I'd favor him more.

BB Hood is not really that great because she can't block very effectively like Jin Saotome can but she is strong if you can afford to wait a turn to get her active.

I won't play more than 10 non-characters due to Sagat, Billy and Zero Akuma+Geese. I only play 2 Lucky Kitty because I can't normally play Stifler+Lucky Kitty on the turn 1 and by turn 2 I prefer to have only characters in hand. 2 Psyche Up because you really don't want to get two copies in your hand since it doesn't affect the board.
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#2
Because I felt that 8-2 kind of undersold my dominance over Cap, I did another 10 test games. I cut Omokan+Anakaris for Rose #2 and BB Hood #2. Difference is probably negligible.

I went 10-0

Turn 3: 1 (Wild Iori)
Turn 4: 2
Turn 5: 1
Turn 6: 1
Turn 7: 1
Turn 8+: 4

The long games are usually when my hand gets emptied by his discard or when I get mostly 0 SP characters making it hard to Unite for big damage. A couple of them were close games but I was never really in danger of losing.

I think the reason my deck wins so much vs Cap is that it puts way, way more BP on the board per turn. He really can't compete when I have so many ways to put 1200+ on the board
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User Info: _Kaz

7 years ago#3
Nice. I doubt any of the characters would stand up to that deck. Even without S-ranks (and God Rugal notwithstanding) it's a very plausible deck to assemble too: 24 A-ranks, 13 B-ranks, 6 C-ranks, and even 3 D-ranks. No RE cards makes it feel like a SvC1 deck, but that's a good thing since few AIs make good use of cards like Slaughter.

But in the end, there were no short-cuts. Cap forced a deck that simply out-works his ability to destroy hands to be made. I can imagine how fast and furious a mirror match would go.

To squeeze more mileage out of the game, I go up against G.Lady a lot. No preparation means trying to pull out a victory against (usually) a tougher deck.
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#4
The mirror matches are a ton of fun at first because the cards are so swingy, especially Wild Iori. But they get old after a while since its kind of repetitious and doesn't always have much skilled involved.

I can't remember now if Yamazaki only freezes the character opposite him, but if he freezes any target then I probably should play him because that could easily produce early blow outs. I am just browsing through the card album to see if there's any characters I might have overlooked.

As for God Rugal, I mainly like him because hes +4 SP on turn 1 which lets you use Lucky Kitty/Stifler AND Best Shot as opposed to someone like Terry who is 1000/+3. Also, since I felt that Rugal was a necessity but oftentimes not very good, God Rugal gives him another function as a backup. God Rugal with turn 2 backup is awesome.

Incidentally, Sougetsu is so key for Cap. He stills works if opponent's hand is empty meaning I don't get a chance to draw into something that can save me. Sougetsu with low hand tends to be all of my losses to Cap. Also, he never uses Cammy to put a card on top which seems like it would be situationally powerful when my hand doesn't have the answer or threat I need.
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon FC 013168946486
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