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  3. So what does ur favorite deck look like?

User Info: comraq

9 years ago#1
i really just enjoy a fast kill/win deck, i guess my strategy probably focus on effective triangle abilities and other abilities, to direct damage my opponent and get rid of enemy field of characters

in my deck currently, i have:

Andy x3
Haohmaru x1
Kyo x3
Kyo (P) x3
Yashiro x2
Wild Leona x3
Rock Howard x1
Terry (B) x1
Rugal x1
Ryo (H) x1

Ryu x1
Cammy (D) x3
Ryu (A) x1
Rose x1
Evil Ryu x2
Morrigan (P) x2
B.B. Hood x2
Jin Saotome x3
Haggar x1
Mech Zangief x2

Escape x1
School's Out x1
Lucky Kitty x2
Awakening x2
Tri-Quiz x1

Cruel Hunt x1
Robber x1
Go Home x1
Overheat x1
Snared x1
Wanna Gimme x1

Anyone have any suggestions?

P.S. i possess at least 3 copies of every card which i currently have, so although i have 1 copy of a certain card listed in my deck, it is because i want only that many copies not because dont have enough for 3 copies.

Also, i am aware that I do not have Akuma because I have not obtained even 1 copy :p

I was never too big on AC/RE cards so i am pretty sure that my AC/RE card choice are not the most ideal for my deck :p

User Info: _Kaz

9 years ago#2
Heh. I may be the only other person who visits here from time to time, but that's because my opinions are slightly biased.

I like making diverse decks, trying to avoid having duplicates and to have multiple strategies of attack. It makes battles more interesting. I can win by clearing the enemy field, destroying the enemy deck, altering the enemy hand, or just through sheer power on my end.

I think I have discovered a "best deck" as you've seen in the topic ScienceOfMyth inspired me to make. It lets you scry on the enemy hand as often as it lets you obliterate it, all the while using not-so-heavy hitters to attack. It also has plenty of defensive cards to stop heavy hitters. The two biggest weaknesses to that deck (other than an opening hand of all AC/RE cards) is that it is /\-ability heavy and it has 3 S-Rank cards you must get via trading or battling the Masks.
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User Info: Gylf_Cloud

9 years ago#3
I like using SNK or CAP-only decks then fill in with whatever RE or AC I find appropriate.
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User Info: comraq

9 years ago#4
SNK or CAP only? doesnt that severely limit ur deck?

but it does give a good feel of SNK or CAP ownage if u win though :)
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  3. So what does ur favorite deck look like?
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