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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#1
Since I've played all of them many times, I will break down each one in terms of difficulty and strategy

First up is Haruna, I played her SNK Deck after completing the game

Haruna can be a little schizophrenic to play against. She has 10 800+ BP characters with only Terry hitting 1000 (plus The Wanderer). So sometimes she can come out fairly strong with tougher characters and other times she will be playing 700s and even 600s.

In general I don't play Terry B vs Haruna very often because she also the Zero with Mimic which essentially lets him become Terry B. I would rather not take that risk personally and, as I said, some games Haruna won't even play any 800s.

Haruna has moderate anti-ability power in the form of Rugal, Haohmaru B rank, and Amnesia. This can be annoying if you play multiple Jins and BB Hoods and Terry Bs.

(Note that the FAQ that provides decklists is very close for Haruna's SNK Deck but not quite 100% correct. I can't figure out which cards it is wrong about but Haruna has Amnesia and Mature which are not listed and I'm pretty sure she does NOT have the 400 BP Akari. The FAQ also says she has The Ump but I haven't seen him since I started taking notes. I know a few of the Free Battle characters do have The Umo though because its always funny when he gets played)

Haruna also has a discard theme that is normally very light but can be annoying. She has 1 Andy, 1 Sougetsu and 1 Billy along with 1 Shiamaru. I don't believe I've ever had the AI use Shiamaru's ability against me however.

But the real discard threats are the strategy cards. Storm Rush rarely gets played by the AI in my experience, but it sends you straight to top deck mode. Also, sometimes your hand can back up if your characters are bigger than Haruna's which makes Pride annoying (but at the same time, it sort of functions as a Makeover if your holding weaker cards too)

Haruna also has some a small amount of card draw in Lucky Kitty and Who's Taller?. Again, if you're hand is backed up Who's Taller? can draw a fair number of cards for Haruna.

The other theme of note is anti-combat. She has 2 Shermie, Glare Off, Wait In Vain, and 2 Charm and also Hey! Hey! which can prevent you from making Union attacks. None of these are as bad as G Fantom or Cruel Hunt, but I suppose you have to be careful about going all-in for thekill and then getting losing to the unexpected counterattack.

King: only time I saw him played was right after Storm Rush to fetch Terry. Note that you don't get to see what he fetches.

Grant: alot of times the AI uses his ability even if he is at full health.

Kula: actually pretty decent for you since you get first crack at using a tap ability. It lets you use Jin, BB Hood, or Terry B immediately although many times they simply KO Kula.

Nakoruru (T): her ability is kind of irritating especially if you forget about it, but can help you sometimes by clearing unwanted weenies from your side for you. As an example, say you make a Union attack with the first character at 800 BP and Haruna blocks with a 600. If Nakoruru is in play, that character will die and you will get to replace it with a fresh character.

Puppet: I believe this card is bugged because the computer seems to waste it at random on turns it doesn't attack me and sometimes even uses it on an already frozen character.

Raiden: don't forget that his ability lets you draw a card when you backup as well. Its pretty handy.

One final piece of advice, don't put your characters into the ring opposite an opposing character. Haruna doesn't have very many opposite effects except Haomaru and Yamazaki so you are free to set up Akuma which makes him alot better.

Overall, Haruna's SNK Deck simply lacks the firepower to compete vs high BP monsters. This should be an easy matchup if you have some As, but even a deck full of good Bs should beat her consistently.

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