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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#1
OK, so I've played a ton of battles and only have two obtainable cards left to acquire -- Roulette and School's Out. I also don't have God Rugal or Shin Gouki but apparently you can't obtain them in single player

Here are my impressions of all of the A -- which ones you should keep, which ones seem good but you should trade, which ones are junk (some are obvious)

Tier I -- these are the cards you want to save up your other As to trade for
Tier II -- if you get one naturally you will definitely keep and play it but you can't trade heavily for them unless you already have most/all of the Tier I in which case you may not want many of these anyway
Tier III -- really good, but there are Bs that do about the same thing or they're not powerful enough, eventually they will get traded. You should never trade for these IMO
Tier IV -- possible playables but also trade bait when the right card comes along
Tier V -- you won't be playing them anyway, keep them to trade in
Tier X -- notable cards that are hard to slot into the above list

Tier I
Wild Iori
Wild Leona
Jin Saotome
Zero Akuma
Mech Zangief
Terry B

Tier II
B.B. Hood
Evil Ryu

Tier III
Lucifer* (he is worth keeping one of at all times IMO)

Tier IV
Nakoruru C

Chun Li
Akari (P)
Rock H
Ruby Heart

Chizuru -- you only get one and her ability only works off AC cards so she is basically trade bait. I tested her to be sure her ability didn't let you discard any card and it didn't.

Yuki+Regina -- you could conceivably build a weenie deck with these two but you'd have to focus entirely on getting these two and also mutiples of rare Bs like Angel Wing. Your call I guess. Personally they're auto trade-ins to me

Omokan Saki -- you eventually want to have 1 and if you have Geese or Zero Akuma she is worth keeping but she is generally a low priority. Unlike Daigo and BB Hood who get worse as your other characters get better, she improves as your deck does. Also, sometimes you really need to summon up Rugal as an answer to Regina or Terry B.

God Rugal, Shin Gouki -- I guess you can't get these two and they are marginal anyway although their supports are awesome

Note that Chun Li and to a lesser extent Haggar, Akari (P), and Orochi can be a wrecking ball when played against you, but are not really playable except Haggar and then just for the moderate body.

I would be interested to know if there are any characters that other players intensely disagree with me on. Finally I trade in all A Action and Reaction cards even Slaughter and School's Out. They don't work well with the 1500s or Sagat/Kikaioh anyway and most of the best cards give low/no SP so they're too hard to cast. Tri-Quiz is simply not good at all as all 5 is too much for any of the effects save Showtime and it is very situational.

User Info: _Kaz

10 years ago#2
Heh. Every CFC2 player will want a deck with 3 Terry B's and 3 Jin Saotome's, but Geese / Zero Akuma? Those two are dangerous to your own hand as they are to your opponent's. Ditto with Wild Iori & Wild Leona danger to my own side; I put them down a notch. But seeing a string or Bousou Iori's being flung out in succession... woo!

Saki offers you a rarity in a card game: Predictability. (But having more than 1 is overkill)

I'd also put Haohmaru, Nakoruru (C), Kyo, and Evil Ryu as top-tier A-ranks.
Haoh is a one-man wrecking crew; no SP needed to crush through opponents!
Nak gives a much needed relief.
Kyo is worth an extra 500 damage.
And Ryu (though he can hurt you too) has great stats even if his ability doesn't activate.

(From my guide *coughendorsementcough* I also put a few non-A characters as 5-star cards.)

Tri-Quiz AC I feel is worth it. All three cards cost 5 SP anyhow, this just takes the decision-making out. (Sometimes you need BP, or HP, and on rare occasions, a coup de grâce.)

Also, the Gimmie RE is worth 5 SP -- if you survive, you get any card you want from your deck!

Tradable A-ranks?
I think Tessa/Tabatha is the only A-rank character that's sub-useful.
Outside of her, the Fellowship & Tenchi Souzou RE are no-brainers (Snared is better at half the price). The Roulette and Reset cards are also almost worthless. Shadow AC isn't bad, but it's too random for me. And while Lunch Rush may be great for those times you start with 3 or 4 AC cards or have 20+ cards in your hand, rarely do you want to show off your hand.

Rock H has great stats to have initially, but I'd trade him later down the road too.

If BB Hood can last, so can Akari (P)... even if it means taking a hit or three, wiping out an opponent's army (or the threat of) is worth keeping for 4 SP.

Chun Li I think is a more common Akari (P) -- it costs you all your SP (so use your Ora Ora! beforehand), but your opponent will have nothing but weenies in their ring. With SP left over, they might have a chance... but if you can squeeze in a character or two on your side to enough SP back for a Combo attack though essentially tissue paper defense...

Orochi is borderline trade-material, but like Chun Li, is great if you have space in your ring and the opponent is jam-packed. With no space, no abilities, and depending on Psyche Up... your opponent will be in a bit of a pickle. (I also rank Lucifer around here... a 1000 BP card that's a weenie clearer?)

Ruby Heart is also borderline trade-material. She's weak, but she has a built-in SP Partner if you don't have anyone wit more than 300 BP in your ring.

Chizuru (read the character guide! *hackshamelesshack*) is the best AC-using card in the game... but she's hardly unique. You can win her from SNK fights and from the Mask trio.

Heh. I only have one of either Yuki or Regina... but fear my weenie deck with Cody (D)! (Also, Regina + Kyo = massively damaging.)

God Rugal & Shin Gouki are 2P-only rewards.... but read the end of my guide *wheezerateitwheeze* the Mask series will give you totally random cards... even these. (And GOD Rugal is AWEsome powerful with a ability "remover.")

Sagat and Kikaioh are great cards, but sometimes they can backfire too. (Which makes Guile or Kojirow nice to have... for a round or two.)

Finally I trade in all A Action and Reaction cards... They don't work well with the 1500s or Sagat/Kikaioh anyway.

Sure they are... if your high BP cards are reduced and you need a quick recharge. Also, I still like to have Angel Wings or Slaughter... just in case. (I'm used to underdog decks.)

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#3
I should have been more clear, sorry. I was talking about after you beat the game and have 70% completion to open up the A Trade Shop. That means you probably already have some good As and lots of good Bs.

It also means the only truly challenging fights are Cap, Sys, and the occasional match where the opponent draws all of their big guns (which is a hint as to what the best cards are)

First, Evil Ryu can never hurt you unless you let him since your guys will be untapped on your turn unless you use an ability before putting him into the ring. Secondly, Wild Leona can never hurt you either unless your opponent has nothing on the board.

Thirdly, Wild Iori can never hurt you either because you will just hold him until the other side runs out an 800+. Wild Iori makes you feel like you're playing CF1 again. He is THE card that lets you win on turn 3 by blowing up blockers to get your Mech Z or Geese through and then uniting with them the next turn or just swinging for 1000

In all three cases, I understand your concern. You are afraid that alot of trades will grind down both sides and the board will be empty pretty often and you will need to play whatever you have in hand. However, once you start playing a ton of 1200 and 1500 monsters, that ceases to be an issue because nothing can really compete with that kind of fat for more than a few turns except Neomantle (mirror match).

As for Kikaioh, hes VITAL because really the only thing that can screw you up is if your fatties get popped up G Fantom or Cruel Hunt. Cruel Hunt is a one-sided Slaughter basically. Kikaioh shuts that down. Sagat does the same thing because you will almost always be ahead on the board so Slaughter itself is brutal.

Seriously, Zero Akuma, Geese, Sagat and Kikaioh, Wild Iori and Wild Leona are the backbone of an unstoppable deck. Play Wild Leona and tell me it doesn't feel exactly like your putting a 1200 BP card into the ring with her.

And if you look at those guys they really discourage playing any ACs or REs other than Psyche Up! (you need the SP with all those 0s) , Stifler (a must) and Lucky Kitty (vital vs discard *cough*Cap*cough*). Because once you have a 1200 or 1500 you basically want to always spend SP to form Unions to get their damage through. That makes all of the "tricks" that AC and RE cards offer irrelevant 95% of the time.

Terry B is a great hoser, but hes better before you start getting fat of your own. Hes still insane though.

Also, I emailed you about your Save State guide..the offsets you listed don't seem to matchup in Hex Workshop for me. If I get that working I will hack in some God Rugals. I agree that I am probably underestimating him.

As for the other cards, they're just not on point because they are best in long games or games where there is parity or you're behind. Geese, Zero Gouki, etc are better because they tilt the board AWAY from parity towards you.

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#4
What does your deck look like for comparison? Mine is

3 Zero Akuma (better than Geese due to Akuma backup)
2 Geese
3 Mech Zangief
2 Krauser
3 Wild Leona (soo good, seriously)
3 Wild Iori (THE card that produces blowout wins)
2 Sagat
1 Kikaioh (you can get him from Nanuko who gives "C Other 3D" right? I've only seen one of him so far)
1 Lucifer (every character in hand becomes a Time Bomb)
3 Terry
3 Akuma
2 Rugal (anti Terry B and Regina, doesn't help vs Yuki though)
1 Jin Saotome (every time he comes up in the Trade Machine I've just traded all my As for some other character!)
3 Evil Ryu (backs up both "Wild" cards)
1 Terry B
1 Morrigan (P)
3 Rose
1 B.B. Hood

B.B Hood is way better than Akari (P). Once you are ahead on the board you can drop her and then remove whatever they play the next turn, which often lets you attack in unblocked. Akari makes you start over entirely which you rarely want to do since you'll be ahead on the board so often.

1 Psyche Up! (B ACs are kind of hard to come by)
3 Stifler
3 Lucky Kitty
3 Best Shot
2 Overheat

Overheat I might cut but going second it can produce a quick blowout (another reason to play Kukaiohs to remove it preemptively if your opponents like Cap have it)

I've had Daigo and Omokan Saki as well, but the deck is too redundant with fatties for either of them to shine. If I had God Rugal I would play him because you're right about his ability removal and with Akuma and Rugal backup he is better than Terry for sure. (Rugal is really weak except vs Terry B or Regina so using him as backup is a great option. And Akuma can be played around making him fairly expendable as well in many games)

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#5
Hate to triple post, but here is the game I just played right after typing the above. It gives you a feel for the raw power of the cards I am talking about.

Turn 1, I play Krauser and use Lucky Kitty finding Wild Iori and Psyche Up!. He plays Geese.

Turn 2, I use Wild Iori to kill his Geese and attack for 1200. He responds with Wild Iori, killing mine

Turn 3, I play Geese (opposite his Wild Iori to avoid possible Akuma) and pass while he plays Jin Saotome, backs up Wild Iori and attacks. I take 1300.

Turn 4, I have now Krauser, Geese and 6 SP and he has an unfrozen Jin Saotome and is at 1800. Barring an RE like Cruel Hunt or G Fantom I can't lose even if I don't play a character. I play Wild Leona hitting his Jin and meaning my Union will do 400 more damage (not that it mattered, but you see how in other circumstances it could)

Even if I couldn't form a Union I would still be able to attack and put him to 600 while having a board of Krauser 1200, Geese 1100, Wild Leona 800 to his 1300 Wild Iori.

User Info: _Kaz

10 years ago#6
It also means the only truly challenging fights are Cap, Sys, and the occasional match where the opponent draws all of their big guns (which is a hint as to what the best cards are)

But if you go through the game enough times, you'll have your killer deck. Hence why I gave up re-playing the game and just speed-ran through it to get the Game Mask Lady fights. Both you and your opponent have totally random decks.

<Evil/Wild abilities> can never hurt you...

They can (stuff like Double, etc.) -- but it is rare. Evil Ryu, Wild Leona, and Bosou Iori are momentum shifting cards, except Evil Ryu is a lot safer to play since it is so rare for your side to be frozen.

I personally don't use many 1000+ BP cards due to low SP for all my fortune-reversing cards (G.Phantom, Hunting, Grace, etc.). I'll have plenty of high SP cards and attrition characters like Andy and Nakoruru that pick away at the enemy's deck while keeping my HP high. I almost always play most of my matches in the red (under 1000 HP) but conversely I'm almost never worried about Wild Iori.

I still do worry about a poor opening hand. More than a few times I've had matches against the CPU start and I only had one or two character cards in my opening hand.
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#7
Ohhh, now I understand what you mean by "underdog deck". I thought you meant you had a controlling deck that took early damage but then "stabilized" But you mean you basically just have the deck you managed to assemble from beating the main game. Gotcha.

My point was actually that some cards are better in a "killer" deck than others -- in particular if you overrate some of the A rank cards you'll find that you struggle vs Cap and maybe Sys. Oddly, as an aside, in CFC1 I remember the mirror match being hard, but in this one Neomantle isn't really that tough for me.

Anyway that was why I was providing a rough ranking of the As. Having used them a little more I would probably tweak my ratings a little bit.

The main points I found are

1. if you play more than about 12 AC/RE cards you will get character light draws too often, and you will lose most of those games to cap when you run out of characters due to his discard. This is simply restating the point you made.

2. The reactive cards are much worse AGAINST you than for you. The AI doesn't really make Union attacks exccept when it will beat you so G Fantom collects dust alot. And as one of the FAQs noted, the AI holds back when you have Cruel Hunt. I've tested it enough to believe that to be true.

3. If you add up points 1+2 above, the conclusion I've drawn is to only use the necessary AC/RE cards (Psyche Up, Stifler, Lucky Kitty and Best Shot) and then you can go to town with Geese/Zero Akuma and hoes the opponent with Sagat/Kikaioh as well.

The only problem I've run into is first turn Terry B or Yuki but the AI plays its cards more or less according to BP so that Yuki almost never comes out (and actually I can't remember ever having Yuki played vs me except in Neomanlte matches)

Its really tough to answer Yuki if you don't already have Jin Saotome or God Rugal in play. The only ways I can really think of are BB Hood and Anakaris. Technically you could also use Kyo P or Ryu A but those are S ranks and they only hose Yuki whereas Bulleta and Anakaris also stop Terry B.

One downside if you run both Jin Saotome AND BB Hood is that if your opponent plays Rugal in response thats pretty bad for you. On the other hand, the downside to Anakaris is that hes terrible.

You could maybe fetch up Anakaris or BB Hood up with Omokan Saki I guess. Also, if all of your "answers" are triangle abilities, Guile will really hose you. The bigger trouble with Saki is that she's so much worse than Rose overall and you don't have that much room to play 600 characters. Also, in terms of characters that give you 5 SP Morrigan (P) is close to a 5-star card. If you just play her and then sacrifice her the next turn she gave you 13 SP. And oftentimes she can sacrifice a weakened character, letting you bring in a bigger monster. I actually got three of her by playing against Neomantle.

Regina is much worse than Yuki in that shes a one-sided School's Out but you also have more answers to her in the form of Rugal and Wild Leona. And if you can't answer her, thats trouble.

My 5 stars overall would be
Mech Zangief
Zero Akuma
Wild Iori
Wild Leona
God Rugal (if you back him up, hes almost like a Krauser without any penalty AND a good ability)
Jin Saotome

Those are the characters that you want to draw and put into play every game. The rest are situationally useful and/or make great backups.

User Info: _Kaz

10 years ago#8
I thought you meant you had a controlling deck that took early damage but then "stabilized" But you mean you basically just have the deck you managed to assemble from beating the main game.
Actually... both. Considering all the wide variety of B's and C's you can get, it's not hard to beat the game in under 70 fights. With all the cards you get or can trade for, you end up with a "controlling" deck. (I never "stabilize" though -- I just end up spamming cards and throwing out a surprise 3,000 damage in the last few turns.)

Oddly, as an aside, in CFC1 I remember the mirror match being hard, but in this one Neomantle isn't really that tough for me.
It could also be that your deck is a perfect counter for your own deck. As long as you manage to go first and keep up the offense, the CFC2 mirror match would go your way. A good way to test this theory is to let the CPU go first and then skip a turn down the match. If the tables suddenly turn and you can't recover from that minor error, it's because your deck is "Super Efficient."

The AI doesn't really make Union attacks ...
Since you saw what happened with Cruel Hunting, the AI also "knows" when you have Galactica Phantom too. At least for a few turns. I always see the CPU use 2-platoon combo attacks to bust through my character; even if they only do 100 damage. Your cards might be too high for the CPU to combo -- they'd never break through!

On the other hand, the downside to Anakaris is that hes terrible.
I won't disagree, but in my speed run games, I always have one or two Anakaris or Mukuro cards. Mukuro actually has an odd HP value that is useful more often than it should.

Morrigan (P) ...
I like that she can clear your side and give you a hefty bonus while doing so, but she can also absorb a lot of damage herself. That gets me thinking: do I want to sacrifice her to stop a 800-1000 BP card and force my opponent to spend a character or SP to clear their weenie?

Regina is much worse than Yuki in that shes a one-sided School's Out...
Actually, imagine Regina in play... and you have Orochi Leona. Or Wild Iori. Or Kyo. Think about that.

Then again, this is all from over-playing with an under-powered deck. Sometimes I'd be so desperate to bring out Wild Iori that I would Awakening an opponent's card I just damaged. Or keep Remy out to drain SP and prevent (most) RE's from being used.
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