After 125 Wins and 63% completeion

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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#1
Well, my deck has been beating most of the free battle characters handily, although many times the battles are protracted (comet..). Cap and Sys are probably the toughest.

I've been working on getting as many of the NEW cards from the Shop as possible every time it refreshes,especially the C and Ds. I've traded in all of my crap Ds (Hanzo, Hugo, Guy, Zaki, etc) and find that I'm playing all the rest and am rarely willing to give up 3 good characters in my deck for one new one. Also many of the new ones are crappy and I tend to want to get a good one that I already have a copy of.

I'm also playing every character in free battle hoping to get their better cards -- I beat Comet 30 times but am only in double digits on a couple others. Plus I think I read that if I get to 70% completion the A trading Shop opens up.

I'm also using the trading machine like mad, because I've pulled a couple As and Bs trading in Ds. I'm not sure about trading in Cs because I like to save them for the Shop.

So, anywho, I have about 17 Bs and 1 S (Morrigan) and the only B I have that I'm not using is Leon who feels like he could've been a C IMO.

My Bs are
Terry (B)x2
Morrigan (P)
B.B. Hood

To me Joe and Urien and maybe even Morrigan are interchangeable with CCommando and Gill or possibly Guile depending on how many ^ abilities I have (or want to suppress).

The good 600 Bs I just feel are a little too underwhelming because they're abiltiies are good not great. Those being Athena, Chris R, and Nakoruru. Q-Bee is probably good but I never got her in multiples and its seems like unless I get her naturally, trading for multiples is out of the question.

As for Cs, I've found that most of the "utility" characters are at 500 and while they're effects CAN be good they're too situational to make up for the sheer BP disadvatange. So Blue Mary, Kim, etc. aren't in my deck.

I might rethink this though, because basically I just use the best 700s available who are all unexciting: Ken, Hayato, Zangief, Gan. I also use 1 Seishirou simply because often his 5 SP comes in really handy and he is a decent wall.

As for ACs and REs, I stick mostly to the manipulation cards. The "trick" cards cost alot of SP and I find I always need SP for Unions which are key to breakthrough what would otherwise be standoffs.

I use Best Shot, Lucky, Kitty, Stifler, Makeover, and Overheat. I use 1 Heritage as a way to get out of a lock where I have nothing but near-dead characters and no SP. IMO, 3 SP is a nice number. Anything costing more than that has to be evaluated carefully. Although I do like Showtime (haven't got any Tri-Quizes yet)

7 more % completion then I hope that maybe I start getting some As which should really power up my deck. Just thought passsersby might be interested in seeing the progress of someone who is presently playing through the game

User Info: _Kaz

7 years ago#2
Heh. It is an interesting read.

I've been hooked with just speed-gaming (and G.Lady fights) so I've forgotten what it was like to grind. (I've also forgotten how to make character-specific decks with all those Mask fights.) It's good to see you've got cards like Morrigan (P) and Heritage (and Okane Mouke / Cash Profit) just in case.
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#3
Well, I played a while more and here is the deck I had that basically never loses to Cap or Sys anymore. They have to spend more than one card to take out most of my monsters which offsets some of the discards (Cap) and the heavy hitters (Sys)

I think the only game I've lost with it was when the opponent got Terry B rolling and I couldn't get anything < 800

1 Krauser
1 Ryu
1 Terry
2 Sagat
1 Kikaioh
1 Haohmaru 1000
1 Lucifer
1 Wild Iori
3 Ryo
2 M Bison
1 Ryu (B)
1 Haohmaru 800
1 Yamazaki
2 Pyron
2 Rugal
2 Wild Leona
1 Daigo
1 Morrigan
1 Morrigan (P)
2 Terry (B)
2 CCommando
1 Urien
1 Sougetsu
1 Rose
1 Tron Bonne
1 Akira-
1 B.B. Hood

2 Best Shot
2 Lucky Kitty
2 Showtime
3 Stifler
2 Time Bomb
3 Overheat

Since then I've gotten Jin Saotome and Mech Zangief

Wild Leona is swings the board by 1200 BP and I consider to basically BE an 1200 BP.

Morrigan (P) is probably the best non-Terry B (who is broken) 700 due to her sacrifice ability that gives you a great bonus of 8 SP, and her 5 SP.

Wild Iori is the biggest swing card if you can pull it off which just involves waiting since almost all the decks play 800s (and of course he is a great comeback to Akuma)

I think Akira- and Tron Bonne are the best C characters. A 500 who Stifles or Lucky Kitty when she comes into play is pretty sweet and the 5 SP is great too. Tron Bonne is the character you want to get into play in the midgame vs Cap. It almost auto wins stalls but is hard to play early since a 600 isn't formidable. In terms of card advantage, Rose is great as well, basically Makeover on a stick that also gives you 5 SP. Again, you don't want too many 600s, but shes pretty awesome and unless Makeover she leaves +1 on cards.

Terry B is so good, I really think Rugal is needed as a hoser. He also shuts down the weenie that bounces 800+s every turn although I don't think any of the decks play it. Also, Rugal shuts down active Jin Saotome.

Terry 1000 is better than Haohmaru 1000. You really want to be constantly clearing your side of leftovers and Terry can attack, kill a blocker then chump something. Haohmaru requries buff spells to get full advatange and none of those are good enough to waste space on other than Showtime, Incidentally, Showtime is still in my deck because I will trade for A characters before Tri-Quiz which is dumbly an A.

Daigo is insane if you are in a standoff because he just dominates everything but I found as my other Characters got bigger/better he wasn't as important and also my opponents Characters died more often making it harder to activate him. For a long while, "Daigo advantage" was one of my strongest plans for victory.

Lucifers ability can win you wars of attrition if you are ahead and he also gets backed up by Pyron (and backs up Pyron). Hes fantastic.

Kikaioh is nice becuase he shuts done REs when he comes into play which can be crucial vs Cruel Hunt, Time Bomb, or G Fantom. Sagat is totally different IMO, as his ability is alot more defensive.

Krauser is sometimes awkward, sometimes great. You really want to end your turn with 2 characters in play so you can play one the next turn so if you have two and play Krauser, you stay at two.

B.B. Hood is a little harder to sneak into play since she can't block effectively but doesn't die to an active Terry B so she fills a role that Jin Saotome doesn't.

Most of the other Characters are just filling space I guess and are either huge (Krauser) or have sometimes useful abilities and/or give a good SP boost. The guys that affect stuff directly across from them are a little awkward sometimes (Yamazuki, Haohmaru 800) but I don't have the two best ones yet, Akuma and Yashiro.

User Info: _Kaz

7 years ago#4
Sorry for the lack of posting, but I just went through the game again and managed to build up an interesting deck. No strong points, but it's not hard to stall enemies since I can put up a variety of BP to defend.

Terry, Andy, Joe, B.Mary, Ryo, Hanzo, Kyo, Kyo(P), Benimaru, A.Asamiya, Kensu, Shermie, Akari(P), Mukuro, Hotaru, Rugal, Rugal, Krizalid, Krizalid, Vanessa

Ryu, Ken, Makoto, Morrigan, Jin Saotome, Falcon, Haggar, Ryu(B), Urien, Tiffany, Edge, Edge, Hyo

Lightning, Escape, Angel's Wing, Lucky Kitty, Awakening, Stifler, Pester, Shopping, Shopping

G.Phantom, Cruel Hunt, Vacation, Robber, Money Maker, Go Home, Overheat, Wanna Gimmie

Only a few handful of -5 SP or higher cards (Angel Wing, Phantom, Hunting), but I've only got 3 got more AC/RE cards (17) than you have.

I'm actually curious -- have you actually found people to play against?
Fighter: "Mr Pibb", "Dr Pepper".. I'm onto you..
Kaz Fact: Welcome to Version 2.0!

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

7 years ago#5
I didn't find any opponents no, closest thing is the mirror match vs Neomantle

I ended up with 11 AC/REs

2 Psyche Up not 3 becuase if you draw 2 early, that can leave your hand pretty thin in exchange for more SP than you need

3 Best Shot because they're great especially to search for a specific card (normally for me its Zero Akuma/Geese or Wild Iori)

2 Lucky Kitty because you want to play all of the actions in your opening hand on turn 1 and if you draw two cards that cost 3 -- a combination of Stifler+Lucky Kitty you normally can't. Getting to 4 SP is easy for Best Shot+Stifler/Kitty. Lucky Kitty is ok, but I mainly play it for advantage vs Cap. The problem is that you really want to play Geese or Zero Akuma on turn 2 meaning you ideally don't want any non-character cards in your hand

3 Stifler -- too good to not play 3 IMO

I was playing more but thats before I tested with 6 Zeros+Geese. They're insanely good, and I found that playing any more AC/REs lead to too many instances where I ended up discarding them.

Also, I cut Sagat but if you're playing against a deck with Sagat you can't really hold Actions anway.
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