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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#1
It seemed like I was just getting started and then I faced the final boss. I didn't grind at all, which meant my deck was way overmatched in terms of raw BP by Sys. It took me 4 or 8 times to beat him with mainly 500 and 600s . My main strategy was growing Chon Shu or nuking everything with Terry (B).

But man, it looks like every character in the Vs battles have killer decks, very hard to beat.

User Info: _Kaz

10 years ago#2
The main game is indeed very short, especially compared to the first game(s). But that's also what I like about this; that you can face the hardest enemies with a mediocre deck and still come out on top. It adds a lot to on-the-fly strategy. Except Cap. Cap is an evil bastard. (His deck always tries to nullify your hand and therefore limit you to edge-of-your-deck tactics)

Now if only the AI was a bit smarter about ()-abilities...

The VS Battles actually don't have killer decks.... until you beat Sys. This is why most FAQs (*cough*includingmyown*cough*) recommend grinding before beating Sys. (Although I find that Cap's deck becomes less annoying after beating Sys; his AI tries to throw out high BP cards instead of hand-restricting ones).

Don't forget the three Game-Mask battles in VS mode that you can unlock: GameMask (Mirror-deck), Neo-Mask/Mantle (random deck), and Lady GameMask (random decks for everyone - my favorite!)
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User Info: ScienceOfMyth

10 years ago#3
Thanks man! I did read your invaluable FAQ, both of them ruled.

Wish I had grinded before because now I have to go through and beat all of those guys in VS 30 times. My deck is pretty much strong enough now where I rarely lose. Cap is kinda annoying but I think you listed your deck only playing like 60% characters.

If you just load up on heavy hitters (and the best ones encourage you to not play many AC/RE cards anyway) then I've found you wil draw enough to eventually overwhelm him normally. The few times I've played him so far, I've come back from big deficits after he runs out of gas because I keep top decking 800+ BP guys or card draw that gets me the same
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