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User Info: _Kaz

10 years ago#11
Simple enough. I've returned the save file with 9 of every card. (actually, I missed the last RE card, but that can be gotten from the Recycling machine -- see my other FAQ)

For future edits, just get the version NeoPOP listed in the FAQ. Since RACE uses the same battery-save type that NeoPOP uses (NGF) , just transfer your PSP's NGF file to your computer. This way you can make a NeoPOP savestate (NGS) that you can edit using any sort of HEX editor out there.

Load your edited NGS file with NeoPOP and make a new NGF file (choose the in-game option to save and then quit NeoPOP) and you now have an NGF file for RACE.
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User Info: yangzor

10 years ago#12
i got your email, but can u send me the file?

User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
10 years ago#13
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