How long does a gameboy micro need to charge?

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User Info: NovaCast

1 year ago#1
I recently bought a 2nd hand gba micro

It just came with a charger and no manual, thus i don't know when the unit finishes charging.

I looked online and it says 3 hrs should be sufficient, and that while the unit charges the lights flash blue ( start/select button) when its done charging those lights should turn off.

Well its been about 7 hrs and the lights have no shut off

The battery of the unit only lasts 1 hour and then it turns red and shuts off shortly after. The odd thing is one would assume that the battery doesn't hold a charge longer than 1 hr but when i turned it on again a couple of hours later i got almost the exact amount of play time before the battery went red.

3rd time turning it back on it did the same thing. This is odd because i haven't recharged the battery ever since and i still keep getting juice off it but only in 1 hr increments. After it shuts off and i try to turn it on it won't however if i wait about 30 minutes the unit will power on and i will get another hr of battery.

At first i thought it was a battery issue but it i bought a replacement one and it does the same thing..

User Info: Teremei

1 year ago#2
I still have my micro I bought brand new. I never really play any handheld more than a few hours before recharging. So I never have problems. But I feel like the micro could go 6+ hours easy. Sounds like yours is more a system malfunction than battery.
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  3. How long does a gameboy micro need to charge?

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