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User Info: Bsw1982

6 days ago#1
Thinking about your weekend and you and your family went to the the video store on a Friday night (back when that was I thing, i miss, when the whole town would be there it seemed as a child lol) sometimes the best games would be gone and all that would be left would be the sucky games. What were your worst rentals? I distinctly remember Mine were probably Kings Knight for NES and Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge for SNES. The boxart looked promising. It always turned out a waste of money and parents time when I end up playing something I already owned over a rental. I quickly learned to reserve the games. You can imagine how a section of 10 Mario all stars and Mario kart were all gone, and you would just have to wait.

User Info: noidentity

6 days ago#2
Prince of Persia 2 on snes. Holy s*** that was an atrocious port.

User Info: 2001mark

6 days ago#3
Race Drivin'. My gawd what a disgrace.

User Info: GhostSweeper

6 days ago#4
Knife Edge on the N64. One of the worst games I've ever played.
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User Info: Bsw1982

6 days ago#5
I forgot maybe Lester the unlikely and Lemmings

User Info: JaxsonDeVille

6 days ago#6
Burning Road
Eggs of Steel
(both on PS1)
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User Info: Clovershroom

6 days ago#7
NCAA Football
Captain America and the Avengers. The Genesis port was better.
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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
6 days ago#8
My father didn't believe in renting videos or games, so I probably went into a Blockbuster three times my whole life.
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User Info: Ohioguy1980

5 days ago#9
I can’t recall the name of the game but it was a college basketball game for SNES. This was at the time when NBA Jam was the hot new game. The pics on the back of the box were blatant false advertisement. They looked like a high end arcade game. Got it home and popped it in to utter disgust. The game was Atari 2600 level graphics. The characters were barely above stick figures. Luckily, we lived very close to the video store at the time and they allowed returns/exchanges on game rentals if taken back within a few hours.

User Info: Venom3D

5 days ago#10
Worst SNES rental: Primal Rage. It wasn't a bad port, but it was my least favorite of the SNES games I rented.
Worst overall rentals: The Amazing Spider-Man for Gameboy, which taught me that bad games do exist, and a defective Resident Evil 2 for the Nintendo 64, which caused the AC adapter in my console and my cousin's to trip. Fortunately, Nintendo's support told us how to reset the AC adapters and Hollywood Video let me switch that rental for another.
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