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  3. Do you ever wish that mouse games could be played with the snes controller?

User Info: Bsw1982

1 month ago#1
Many times in playing Mario Paint, I wonder if it would been a little easier if they allowed a controller to draw with or have a stylus instead of a mouse.

User Info: EvilResident

1 month ago#2
How many snes games actually can utilize the mouse?

User Info: HighwayPilot

1 month ago#3
EvilResident posted...
How many snes games actually can utilize the mouse?

Quite a few:

The mouse based games that do support a controller often feel slow and awkward without a mouse. There are more games that could've used mouse support than there are mouse games that would've been better with controller support.

VC releases on 3DS or Wii U with stylus support would've been great though.

User Info: Bsw1982

1 month ago#4
Or if such technology even existed back then, they could have included a stylus pen pack in with the mouse so you could use either or.

I notice on emulators though, they've some how managed to get the cursor movement as touch screen. I even played super scope 6 on a touch screen. So much easier. Tap the area on the screen and it hits the area, as if you were really using the gun.

User Info: KingMikeX

1 month ago#5
Light guns though are a bit different. Those were meant to be played from a distance.

Using a touch screen is more like playing with the gun right up to the TV. As of course everyone did.

I have not used a real Super Scope (just the NES Zapper) though I hear the Scope had some technical issues with actual hardware, such as not being able to see the color red very well (causing delayed or missed input). A limitation of actual CRTs, at the least. (though of course modern TVs don't work with lightguns at all, I believe it because of different frame timing than expected?)
I would guess emulators don't really have that problem?
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: metaphysician

1 month ago#6
Even back in the 90s, the Super Scope was dubious in compatibility. I could never get it to work with our ( fairly ordinary ) CRT TV.

User Info: Bsw1982

1 month ago#7
Its like at the beginning of the game you have the alignment screen and no matter what it never seems to hit the mark twice. If it does happen to be set eventually as time wears on in the same session, it loses its accuracy. Has anyone ever had that happen? This experience in refering to a crt not a tablet or emulator.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

1 month ago#8
Not on the SNES, since I only had Mario Paint, but I would have done anything to be able to plug in a SNES controller to Windows 3.x or 9x and control the cursor with it. I bought a number of Gravis controllers for PC, expecting them to work like a console (plug it in, it works), but they never did... until nearly 20 years later when I bought an Xbox 360 USB controller and a keymapper.

User Info: Lil_Bit83

1 month ago#9
Yes, because I would love to see Mario Paint come back. Though it could come back with a stylus type set-up like Art Academy.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

1 month ago#10
Mario Paint had some pretty deep bass (sound editor).

The issue I have with many SNES mouse games were that the mouse's two buttons was just too limiting without a keyboard/joypad's additional hotkeys. While I could move the cursor faster (sometimes too fast) in Lemmings 2 or King Arthur's World, I couldn't switch skills quickly. I would still need to pause, select the skill, and then move the cursor to where I want to go, activate, then unpause. The pacing of the game is broken up one way or another.

Something like the Dualshock4's built-in touchpad, the PSV's built-in touchpad, the DS's built-in touch... you get the idea. Even the Wiimote, which had two secondary buttons and a d-pad (4 buttons), is more advanced, and would be great to try to use for a program like Mario Paint.
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