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User Info: Maximothelad

3 months ago#1

The impossible choice!

User Info: HighwayPilot

3 months ago#2
Easy! Final Fantasy VI, followed by Super Metroid.

User Info: ArcFan10000

3 months ago#3
Final Fantasy 3/6
I have the cartridge of the Gameboy Advance version, but i also have the Super Nes Classic to play that version of the game. Chrono Trigger is short but it has +new game to add more replay value. Chrono Trigger has the better graphics and Replay Value, but FF3/FF6 has the better story and overall just a better game.
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User Info: 2001mark

3 months ago#4
Jesh… FFIII for me because story & characters are so amazing. Even in 2019, playing on the mini, its epic scale & fantastic vision is really peerless.

Chrono Trigger is arguably one of the finest technical achievements for SNES, yet FFIII's x factors just keep it in front for me.

Super Metroid is outstanding, just less my lane.

User Info: JackBurton85

3 months ago#5
These are some random polls. Why do all 3 have to go against eachother?

Very tough. I dont know if i ever had a greater single first experience playing a game than i did with Chrono Trigger. f***ing incredible. I was quite sad when i completed it cuz i knew id never be able to recapture the experience of that first playthrough.

Super Metroid is brilliant in its own right. Dont think any other game in existence has a better atmosphere.

Chrono Trigger i have fonder memories of, but a huge sticking point here is the fact that i cant see myself playing thru Chrono Trigger again for years, while Super Metroid i enjoy giving a go each and every year. FAR more playable/replayable game.

Think i gotta go with Chrono Trigger. Tough.
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

3 months ago#6
Super Metroid is #1. These are indeed my top 3 for the system though, so kudos for grouping together.
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User Info: GhostSweeper

2 months ago#7
Arrghhhh, jeez this is tough.

Voted Chrono Trigger but it's really a complete toss up in my mind. Love all these games.
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User Info: metaphysician

2 months ago#8
Yeah, I voted Chrono Trigger but this poll is like picking which of your kids gets to climb onto the lifeboat.

User Info: TheTRobbReport

2 months ago#9
When you consider the voting polls, these three games are clustered together (behind Zelda and SMW) so it kinda makes sense.

I think Chrono and Metroid stand quite a bit above FF VI; deciding between these two was tough. I went with Chrono, just because of how polished it is. In 1995, I don't see how they could have done a better RPG. Like, looking back at that game, I can't point to a single thing specifically that I didn't like, or would change.

If I had to choose between which game to spend an afternoon on, I'd easily pick Super Metroid (which was also the more revolutionary/influential game IMO). There's so much depth to the movement and controls of that game, and it has a pick-up/play ability rpgs can't really match. Its rough edges (weird control decisions, not enough/too easy bosses, some illogical item locations/progressions) ultimately are just enough to hold it back against Square's masterpiece.
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User Info: Zenoth

2 months ago#10
Super Metroid for me. It's a virtually-perfect game.
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