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User Info: EnvyFox

8 months ago#1
Looks like I can finally make a "Last Purchases" topic here. Like the title says, share your latest purchases related to the Sega CD add-on.

Went to the Swap Shop earlier today and came home with Sol-Feace (complete) for $3. It seems to be the system pack-in version as it came in one of those small foldable CD cases instead of the large box Sega CD games usually come in. It feels great to finally own my first SCD game even if I can't play it yet. At least finding this disc lead me to finding the game's killer soundtrack.


User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

8 months ago#2
Snatcher for £80. I haven't bought one in many years because playing them on PC is just so much quicker and convenient, and obviously no cost.
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User Info: shakmstr

2 months ago#3
Eternal Champions
Load Star

I enjoyed Load Star when I was younger and was able to find it cheap on Ebay. Sol-Feace is practically being given away and I got a good deal on Eternal Champions.

I’m going to keep shopping for some good deals on Ebay.

User Info: Santo3485

3 weeks ago#4
Lethal Enforcers (big box including the Justifier)
Rise of the Dragon
Ground Zero Texas
Jaguar XJ220
The Amazing Spider-Man vs The Kingpin

been hunting Sega CD games lately
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