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User Info: ollicehunter

2 years ago#1
So I'm coming out the other side of collecting the games I want for the Sega Saturn. Most of them very rare/expensive.

Thankfully the Sega CD has only two games I want (that I'm aware of), and I just bought one of them! Popful Mail. The other one is Snatcher.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research into Sega CD software but not so much hardware. Which model system should I buy? Also, it's worth saying that I play on a 40'' Sony HDTV, which my Saturn is hooked up to. Looks great with component cables from Castlemania Games!

Thanks for any suggestions! Willing to take additional game suggestions too!
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User Info: ollicehunter

2 years ago#3
Many thanks! I have heard of Dark Wizard, but never played it/watched gameplay videos. What strategy rpg would you compare it to? That's a genre I can get into, but I wouldn't consider it one of my favorites.

I picked up a top loading Sega CD and Genesis Model 2 the other day. Sega CD games I already have are:

Popful Mail (playing now)

Snatcher, Keio Flying Squadron (burned copies from Etsy, hehe)

Others I may be interested in are Earthworm Jim Special Edition, Robo Aleste, etc, etc. Not really interested in too many Genesis games, I was more of a SNES kid, but I do want Castlevania Bloodlines at some point.
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User Info: Maximothelad

1 year ago#5
All of them. I have Gen 1 and i Love it. Out of memory though.....so .... yeah. I Have shoes

User Info: MarioLinkNES

1 year ago#6
I have the second one. But imo the first looks better. But, Luckily mine still works.
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I would sell the model 2 Sega cd and buy a model 1. They are a bit of a pain to get going need caps/belts/ fuses replaced but once those are fixed then that model will work for many years to come. The model 2 was made to be cheap and it feels like it. The model 2 can even scratch games. My copy of snatcher suffered from minor scuffs due to my model 2 I used to have.
As for games
Lunar silver star and eternal blue (they are very different from the ps1 versions)
Mickey mania- the Sega CD port has more levels and is the best version
Mad dog McCree it's not a very good game but still can be fun to laugh at
Vay it's another working designs game
Cobra the space adventure it's also a visual novel like snatcher
Sonic CD
Rise of the dragon it's also a graphic adventure game
The terminator
Chuck rock 2 son of Chuck
Dungeon explorer
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User Info: EvilResident

1 year ago#8
@ollicehunter how do you like it so far? been thinking of getting one myself....

User Info: ollicehunter

1 year ago#9
I think if there are Genesis AND Sega CD games that appeal to you, it might be worth picking up. The only games I have (but LOVE) are Keio Flying Squadron (which prompted me to pick up the sequel on Saturn), Snatcher (another LOVE) and Castlevania Bloodlines.
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