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User Info: EvilResident

5 years ago#1
I would first like to hear from you guys as to what you think are some "must-own" titles? I know there are many games that are multi-plat but please name your favorite/necessary titles to have in ones Sega CD library.

All suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

User Info: uffbulle

5 years ago#2
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - A big improvement over the first one and one of my fav 16-bit JRPGs
Robo Aleste - Pretty much a sequel to MUSHA
Lords of Thunder - Looks slightly worse than the PCE CD one but I prefer the lower difficulty and remastered OST here
Snatcher - I don't think it's amazing from a gameplay standpoint, but still worth playing for the atmosphere and aesthetics
Earthworm Jim SE - Features one new level, some new segments, more animation and of course better sound
Android Assault/Bari Arm
Soulstar - This one shows off the sprite scaling well and plays pretty well too
Shining Force CD - Two of the GG games merged into one with better audiovisuals
Popful Mail
Keio Flying Squadron
Final Fight CD
Misadventures of Flink - Plays a lot like Magical Quest for the SNES, better sound on MCD
Ecco: The Tides of Time
Mickey Mania
Lunar: Silver Star - Impressive presentation for its time but a pretty standard JRPG otherwise
Chuck Rock 2 - Different levels than in the MD one
Jaguar XJ-220 - Pretty good Outrun-like game
Cyborg 009
Shadowrun - Wouldn't recommend it if you can't read japanese though; Shining Force-style battles
Sonic CD - I wasn't a fan of this one; it plays pretty differently from the MD games with more maze-like levels and a poorly executed time travel mechanic. You might also want to get the Steam version instead since it has a few improvements.
Dark Wizard
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User Info: EvilResident

5 years ago#3
Thanks for the list. Opted not to buy for now but I have the option to do so later on if I want. I'll keep this list in mind.

User Info: Blaqthourne

5 years ago#4
Be aware that of uffbulle's list, the asking price Snatcher is around $200, Keio's Flying Squadron is over $500, and Shining Force CD is well over $100. Sega CD asking prices have also recently taken a spike (e.g. SoulStar went from around $60 to over $100 on Amazon after Christmas).

My list is almost entirely contained in uffbulle's:
Android Assault
Dark Wizard
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side
Lunar: The Silver Star
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Popful Mail
Robo Aleste
Sonic CD

Others I've heard good things about but haven't gotten a chance to play much:
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Racing Aces
Rise of the Dragon
The Terminator
Third World War

A couple interesting titles:
Bouncers -- an interesting take on basketball
Trivial Pursuit -- it basically just serves as the game board and clue giver: the game gives the clue (many times with a little piece of animation), you announce your answer, you then tell the game to give the correct answer, then you select whether you were correct or not.

Also be aware that a Memory Card will currently run you the better part of $50 (I'm sure you could find a good deal on one if you're patient or luck into it), but you'll probably only ever need one of them. Some games' save files take up a big chunk of the internal memory, with Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep requiring 100% of the internal memory for a single save.

User Info: zatOMG

5 years ago#5
What was the asking price up?
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User Info: EvilResident

5 years ago#6
It would have been over $100 with the wires and 1 controller, condition looked ok but I passed for now. Still thinking about it although I havent had much time lately to play any games so this would be just for my collection or saved for a rainy day kinda thing.

User Info: Kolari

5 years ago#7
I have a question,
Is there a REALLY GOOD program/emulator what ever, that will run on a PC or Linux the nearly perfectly
plays all region free Sega CD games?
I mean if I have the Discs, and wish to play them on PC, nearly perfectly? I don't need/not looking for Roms.
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