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User Info: Terotrous

1 month ago#1
Last Topic's Ratings:

All Star Slammin D Ball - BA - 25% (2)
Book of Watermarks, The - GB - 50% (2)
CT Special Forces: Back to Hell - BG - 50% (2)
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns - GGGA - 88% (4)
Speed Racer - ABB - 17% (3)
X-Com: UFO Defense - GAGG - 88% (4)

Not a lot of votes this time, though I thought it was interesting that KFHEWUI and I had totally opposite ratings considering that we're usually fairly similar.

See the full list of ratings here:


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- A percentage-based "approval rating" will be calculated for each game, using the formula (G + A / 2) / N (where N is the total number of votes). In other words, an A vote is worth half as much as a G vote and a B vote is worth no points at all.
- You aren't required to justify your votes, but we do request that you have at least played the games you are rating. Feel free to give out any thoughts, opinions, or random anecdotes relating to the games in question.
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- However, each user is limited to 10 recommendations across all topics. If you have already used all 10 you'll have to remove one that you've already given to give another.
- The list of SRs can be found here:

Games for this topic:

Jimmy Johnson VR Football '98
Simpsons Wrestling
Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonenstein - Dare to Scare
Twisted Metal 2
Wangan Trial

The game called "Invasion" is not "Invasion From Beyond" / "B-Movie", it is a Europe-only flying game published by Microids. Also, we have the long-awaited Simpsons Wrestling in this topic, which I'm looking forward to going back to because I remember I kind of liked it even though I know it was widely criticized.
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User Info: KFHEWUI

1 month ago#2
Twisted Metal 2 - G
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User Info: BloodPump

1 month ago#3
Simpsons Wrestling B
Twisted Metal 2 A
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User Info: EvilResident

1 month ago#4
I played so much TM2 back in the 90s.

User Info: CyanRouge

1 month ago#5
I can rate every North American title in this thread. Most of them are bad, but at least there's one bit of gold in here...

Jimmy Johnson's VR Football '98 - B (Bad)

Probably one of the most obscure football games for the console, but also one of the worst. This game runs on a modified version of the engine used for the infamous NFL 97 on Sega Saturn, which is widely considered one of the worst games on that platform. While I haven't played that Saturn game, if this PS1 game is an improvement, than I have every right to be scared. The graphics aren't the worst I've ever seen, but there are some oddities, like the jersey numbers that keep changing for some inexplicable reason. The audio is also extremely bit-crushed and unpleasant, being comparable to a lot of 16-bit games. The actual gameplay, however, is a mess. When passing, the spot where the ball will land is marked by an X that's not only extremely small, but also the same color as the gridlines, so you often can't tell where you need to be. This problem is exacerbated by how comically large every other icon is, and the screen is always overly busy, making it needlessly difficult to focus. Additionally, when someone catches the ball, they are barely slowed down, meaning that once a receiver is past the defenders, a touchdown is almost inevitable. The playbook also seems to be somewhat buggy and unfinished, as players often stop before completing their routes or collide into their own teammates. The biggest issue, however, is how slow it is. Not only is the game's pace slower than most other football games, but the controls have a delay to them, meaning you have to plan your passes a bit in advance beyond when you would normally perform them in other games. It's not the worst PS1 football game (I did play NFL Full Contact after it appeared on the GAB, and Jeez Louise that one feels like an alpha), but there's little reason to check this one out over the more well-known football games of the time. 2/10

Simpsons Wrestling - B (Bad)

Commonly cited as one of the worst games on the console, but it's honestly nowhere near as bad as most people make it out to be. I admire the attempt to capture the show's style, it has a good roster of familiar faces and locations, and some of the dialogue is pretty funny. With that said, however, it does miss the A rankings simply due to a lack of polish in the gameplay department. It doesn't really play like a wrestling game, being more akin to The Unholy War, where each character has one command for each face button, and you must wait for the meter to recharge to a certain level for each move. The developers missed part of what people like about wrestling, however - namely, a variety of flashy techniques. When each character only has 3 moves, there isn't much spectacle, and fights in this game have no business going on for as long as they do. The roster is also infamously unbalanced, with Flanders in particular being comparable to SSF2T Akuma. If they had reworked this into something not related to wrestling, with much shorter rounds, and made an attempt to at least have a semblance of balance, I could've seen myself giving it an Average score instead. 4/10

Tiny Toons Adventures: Toonenstein - Dare to Scare - B (Bad)

A lot of what I said about Tiny Toons Adventures: The Great Beanstalk applies here, although this is a better game in a few areas. For one, it doesn't rely on annoying meta-humor for almost every voiced joke. The setting and story are also more interesting, and the visuals, which were the best part of the original, are even better here, with a more interesting environment to explore. Outside of these positives, however, it does still suffer from similar issues to its predecessor, where you mostly just go around and click random things. It's also not truly random this time, either, as the difficulty determines where you need to go, and there's no reason to deviate from the main path. 3/10

Twisted Metal 2 - G (Good)

The first TM game had a neat idea, and this sequel expands upon it brilliantly and outclasses its predecessor in almost every regard. The stages are far more creative and well-designed, with loads of secrets and unique gimmicks. The music is superb, alternating between metal and orchestral tunes that draw inspiration from wherever you are in the world in each stage. The story is better told, with neat comic-style endings instead of scrolling text. Most importantly, however, the characters have so much variety this time. My biggest gripe with the original was that the cast felt very samey in gameplay, but now nearly every character feels radically different thanks to the variety in special attacks, and when coupled with the improved endings, you have more motivation to play through the game with all vehicles. The general mechanics have also been improved, with better control and weapon balance, and the introduction of energy moves gives defensive abilities more purpose, as you don't have to scroll through a bloated inventory on the fly to use them. It's got a few rough edges, such as the occasionally unresponsive energy inputs and some unbalanced characters (Hammerhead is beyond terrible, while Shadow is stupidly powerful), but this is otherwise the highlight of the series, and up there with Critical Depth and Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense for my favorite vehicular combat game on PS1. 8/10
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User Info: EnvyFox

1 month ago#6
I get to rate a game this time! Yes! And, unlike a lot of other GAB rounds, I don't need to wait to give my rating this time. Let's do this!

Twisted Metal 2 - G (SR)
Twisted Metal 2 was one of the three discs my family got with our used PS1 back in the late 90s (I want to say 1999?) and to say it became a favorite of ours is an understatement. It was one of the very few games my dad played with my younger brother and I (along with Mario Kart 64 and any Mortal Kombat up to MK4) and we even brought it over to the youth center we went to every Friday so that the other kids could play with us, too.

22 years later and I'm still a fan. It has some problems (what's with the CPU being able to spam that freeze ray?) but the game is still an absolute blast to play with unique cars and drivers (my favorite is Mr. Grimm), fun weapons and stages with secrets galore (Statue of Liberty in a bikini, anyone?). And those ending cutscenes! Unlike the two sequels that came after, the ways some of the competitors' wishes get twisted are so clever and it made me a fan of Calypso as a villain. And the endings are so well drawn, too, and... okay if I keep going, I'll end up with an essay on why I love this game so much but let's just say it's in my top 5 PS1 games list for very good reasons and easily earns an SR from me. Play this game!

... OH MY GOD! THE MUSIC! I forgot to praise the music! It's SO good! You've got to listen to it! At least one track!


Okay now I'm done.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Katon

1 month ago#7
Simpsons Wrestling - B

Twisted Metal 2 - G

Jimmy Johnson’s VR Football 98 - B
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

1 month ago#8
Twisted Metal 2 - G - great fun, strong improvement over the first game. I might decide to SR this at a later date.
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User Info: ironyisntdead

1 month ago#9
Simpsons Wrestling - B
Twisted Metal 2 - G
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