Who else hates popular youtube collectors causing price spikes?

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User Info: Atomos199

7 months ago#11
A person would have to be sitting on hundreds of copies for them to make a worthwhile profit from an increase in the price of these games. Especially when you consider all the money they would have to risk in buying them beforehand, all the time spent "driving up demand" with all those YT videos, only in the hope of turning a one-off profit at some unforeseeable point in the future.

Of course the prices on some games are excessive. And of course retro collectors and channels have an effect. But that doesn't mean there's a conspiracy of YT retro channels to jack up prices in the hopes of making a one-off (!) profit. And certainly not individual channels.
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User Info: SchizoGemini

7 months ago#12
Wether Youtube collectors are a factor in price spikes is tough call.
Depending who you ask or watch on Youtube.

After decades of gaming.
The trends I've come to recognize in the value and potential value games.
Falls into a few categories.

Shoot em' up: Games or Series
Metal Slug

These type of games maintain and increase in value.
Some are becoming very difficult to find in good condition.
The price for a Gradius III&IV on the PS2 Factory Sealed is Absurd.
Yet most used copies are in pretty bad to fair condition.
Most have had the discs buffed out.

MegaMan & Castlevania: Games
For years MM&CV had a decent value; and revolving door used prices life cycle.
Most local game shops in the early to late 90's and early 2000's.
Had a healthy supply of used MM&CV games up to the PS1 era.

When both series had then prioritized releasing handheld titles almost annually.
The value of their console titles fluctuated due to the absence of any new titles being released.
CV had all but abandoned the the consoles in favor of the handheld releases till CV: LoI
MM still had consoles releases along side the various MMBN, MMZ games & MM&B.

Handheld games rarely got multiple print runs on the GBA outside of First Party Nintendo releases.
Bootlegs were also rampant on GBA games.
Especially with CV: HoD & AoS around 2003-4.

May continue later with other observations later.
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User Info: Kingtrojan

7 months ago#13
I tend to agree that youtubers do play a role in games raising in value some like metaljesusrocks admit that they play a role in games spiking in value. But i feel the real culprit are pricing sites like video game price guide

User Info: xOmniCloudx

7 months ago#14
UnsteadyOwl posted...
xOmniCloudx posted...
UnsteadyOwl posted...
You talk about it like there are a bunch of nefarious Youtubers deliberately trying to raise prices of games they want to resell.

I think it's just a natural consequence of people making videos about old games they like. It's easier now than it's ever been for someone who collects or wants to collect old games to discover what games might be worth playing and to find out whether they might personally be interested in them. This is especially true for more obscure games.

For a game like say, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, maybe there's a few people who want the game only because some Youtuber told them to. But I would be willing to bet that for most people seeking it out now it's a case where it's a good game that they simply never would have heard of (or at least never would have known that it was something they'd want to play) had it not been for people on Youtube bringing it to the world's attention.

If they weren't doing it on purpose before they are now because they know it makes them money. That's what they care about hence why nearly all of them have patreons now. Tron Bonne was always super expensive in the used market because people for years knew its value and limited run. One of the worst examples to use here. In any case, they have a big enough influence where their coverage does and had changed things almost immediately. Not a coincidence when the prices stayed the same or didn't change for years and then all of a sudden rise shortly after they cover it. The market is a VERY well researched niche from those in it so they have major pull for most anybody involved.

Funny, Tron Bonne wasn't very expensive at all when I bought it back in the mid-2000's. Neither was Haunting Ground or Pocky & Rocky or Psychic Detective but those all go for $100+ now.

The rest of your statement is kind of rambling so I'm not quite sure what you were getting at. But to clarify I definitely wasn't trying to say that some people don't know the market very well or don't already know about the great obscure games out there. I think most of us here are far more knowledgeable than the average person about that kind of stuff. For everyone else though (especially people who are too young to have known about these games when they were new) Youtube is definitely a major factor in getting the word out about some of these games.

Also, I'm not seeing the connection between having a Patreon and deliberately wanting to cause the prices of certain old games to spike.

Um, Tron Bonn'es value has been high for like a decade now and back in 01 nearly everything was cheap as the retro collecting fad hadn't taken off. You don't sound well researched given this post. That would explain why you think anything I said in my last post describing the current climate was rambling, because you don't know enough about the climate over a long period of time to begin with. You certainly don't stay up and research correlations either so you're going off what you think and don't actually know. You also give a bunch of rambling that simply says you don't agree because of what you think as opposed to know. Eh. You and I are done here.
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.

User Info: ContraChaos

7 months ago#15
SBNetopir posted...
Also, I hope you're not a SNES fan, since it's pretty much the undisputed leader in overpriced games right now, and has been for a while.

No. NES is a much more expensive set to go for while having less games.

User Info: SchizoGemini

7 months ago#16
Games released in the last 2 years of a consoles life cycle tend to have gotten an obscene value.
The SNES releases for:
MegaMan 7 & Castlevania: Dracula X from 1995.
MegaMan X3 in 1996

These games were not easily found brand new back then.
From stores like Toys R' Us.
Or even specialty stores like Electronic Boutique, Software Etc, and Game Quest.

I had to buy them from a small local game store.

YouTube has indeed brought exposure to retro games.
However Valkyrie Profile on the PS1 was already demanding a hefty value.
Long before YouTube was even around.

I saw that games value rise in just over year after it's almost silent release.
It also didn't help Valkyrie Profile.
To be released near Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy IX, and Parasite Eve 2.
2000 was a year of SquareSoft Heavy Hitters.
SquareSoft released a game every month from summer till almost the end of the year.

Valkyrie Profile and Bust A Groove 2 were almost completely ignored when they were released.
The values they have now; reflect this.
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User Info: RaisinBizzle

7 months ago#17
ContraChaos posted...
SBNetopir posted...
Also, I hope you're not a SNES fan, since it's pretty much the undisputed leader in overpriced games right now, and has been for a while.

No. NES is a much more expensive set to go for while having less games.

I think the top ten NES games drag the average price per cart up considerably (Little Samson, Bonk's Adventure, Panic Restaurant, etc.). Otherwise I think SNES games run pricier most of the time, at least for the more common stuff.
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User Info: Aussie2B

7 months ago#19
I'm just glad that I did most of my retro game collecting in the 00s. The market is just stupid now. I honestly don't even know what a lot of my collection is worth because my brain is still stuck back when I bought them and what they were worth at the time. I feel like every week I'm learning that a game I have is worth way more than I figured.

UnsteadyOwl posted...
Psychic Detective

That's a genuinely rare game, though. Far more so than the likes of Tron Bonne, Suikoden 2, Valkyrie Profile, etc. When I got it in the 00s, I remember thinking that its value seemed too low for its rarity, so I'd say the current price is more where it honestly should be. A lot of retro games are expensive because of demand, more so than rarity, but with Psychic Detective, I can't imagine there's much demand for the game itself. There the value is direct result of its scarcity.
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User Info: froggy25

7 months ago#20
The main issue is people buying these at absurdly high prices.
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