N64 RPGs

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User Info: Gash

3 months ago#1
I'm working on my personal backlog of RPGs that goes all the way to the SNES and when I hit the N64 I'm finding that I only have 1 game from this console on my list, Aidyn Chronicles.
I played and beat Quest64 and Paper Mario back when they were new and the only other RPG that comes to mind is Ogre Battle 64(Strategy RPG).
I am working on acquiring Ogre Battle 64 for my collection still and plan to play it once I have it.
What I'm wondering is, am I missing any other RPGs or was it just these 4?

User Info: uffbulle

3 months ago#2
Well, there's Shiren the Wanderer 2 which is a Rogue-like RPG.

Some other games have RPG-like elements I think, like career modes in sports or fighting games, but I'm not sure which.
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User Info: goldenraven20

3 months ago#3
I've heard that Hybrid Heaven has many RPG elements, but isn't really what most people would call a traditional RPG (I've never played it). Gamefaqs lists it as an action RPG though.

User Info: mario2000

3 months ago#4
p sure all the N64 RPGs have all been mentioned itt
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User Info: cawmaster5

3 months ago#5
are the Gaemon games considered RPGs or naw
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User Info: Gash

3 months ago#6
goldenraven20 posted...
Hybrid Heaven has many RPG elements

Totally forgot about that game, I remember wanting it back in the day but I think it had some delays or something and by the time it released I had forgotten all about it.

User Info: GraphG

3 months ago#7
cawmaster5 posted...
are the Gaemon games considered RPGs or naw

Goemon? Like Mystical Ninja or Goemon's Great Adventure? I would not consider those RPGs.
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User Info: SimonBelmont666

3 months ago#8
I don't honestly think the N64 has any good RPG's. SNES reigned as king for those though.

User Info: Aussie2B

3 months ago#9
I wouldn't consider the Goemon games RPGs either. I do think Hybrid Heaven is one, though.

For US releases, that's about it. If you want to look into Japanese releases, there are a few more. Shiren 2 is a very nice roguelike, and Super Robot Wars 64 is a solid strategy RPG. That about exhausts the Japanese-exclusive RPGs that are particularly good, imo. There are Onegai Monsters and Zool for Pokemon-style RPGs, but the former has an absolutely horrendous frame rate that renders it nearly unplayable, and the latter is also pretty choppy. PD Ultraman is another RPG that's pretty dang bad. If you like the Robopon games that were released in English, you'd probably like Robopon 64, but it's nothing remarkable. If you want to count them, there are two Nushi Tsuri/Legend of the River King games as well. The first one is another really choppy game. I don't know about the second.
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User Info: Lamace

3 months ago#10
There's Hybrid Heaven, which you can get for dirt cheep. It has some decent ideas, a variety of gameplay styles, and some decent production values. But it's a very flawed game.

I suppose it could be argued that Mega Man 64/Legends is also an RPG. While the PS1 version is superior, and the N64 version is more expensive, it's still worth looking into if you don't have access to a PS1.

There's also Gauntlet Legends, which is an arcade RPG. Very simple and mindless, but a blast to play with three friends.
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