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User Info: ZoqFotPik

6 days ago#1
If you thought "Metroid Cubed" was interesting, got a chance to play Zelda30 Tribute, and Mega Man 2.5D looked cool, there's a new VR-esque experience around the corner. "3d S.E.N. VR"

Geod Studios ( have put up an Early Access on Steam with support for the following games:

Balloon Fight
Battle City
Battle Kid
Bubble Bobble
Circle Charlie
City Connection
Dig Dug
DonkeyKong 3
Donkeykong jr
Duck Hunt
Elevator Action
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Journey to Silius
Legacy Of The Wizard
Legend of Kage
Legend of Zelda
Lode Runner
Mario Bros
Mega Man 1
Mega Man 2
Micro Mages
Road Fighter
Shadow Of Ninja/Kage
Super Bat Puncher
Super Mario Bros
Tetris Nintendo
Tetris Tengen
Urban Champion
Wild GunMan
Wrecking Crew
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Zooming Secretary

I am not sure if these guys require the original game or have just recreated this, but it looks... different.
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User Info: SS4kronos33

2 days ago#2
2 things...

1. i wonder how long before nintendo shut them down in some way for their games
2. how long have you been a moderator??
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User Info: Foppe

2 days ago#3
Reading the official website;

Description : 3dSenVR is a unique NES emulator that converts classic and homebrew 2D NES games into full 3D experiences in realtime and let you play them in VR. It is developed by Tran Vu Truc since 2015. For the Steam Eearly Access release, 48 of the most popular classic and homebrew games are supported. Light gun games like Duck Hunt, Wild GunMan, Hogan's Alley are also supported.

Since it is just an emulator, Nintendo cant touch them.
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User Info: C Redfield

C Redfield
1 day ago#4
Is there a converter to use PS4 VR with a PC?
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