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User Info: bruplex

1 week ago#11
* SMB3 - should say it was many years later I learned the game was supposed to be a play.
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User Info: Skye Reynolds

Skye Reynolds
1 week ago#12
Sadekuuro posted...
StarTropics is the first game that came to mind.

User Info: nesplayer

1 week ago#13
Skye Reynolds posted...
Sadekuuro posted...
StarTropics is the first game that came to mind.

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User Info: PStrife

1 week ago#14
Street Fighter 2010, ends the way it's intro began

Castlevania III, classic movie scroll after crumbled castle scene

Snake's Revenge, classy Konami military themed ending

Tecmo World Wrestling. becoming the champ is awesome

User Info: Baz-Hazuki

1 week ago#15
Batman for sure, quite savage throwing the joker off the clock tower, I also like Wanpaku Graffiti good ending where it's actually a film set with a director chatting to the actor etc but the mask is actually alive!
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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
1 week ago#16
Mega Man 2 comes to mind. I also love 3 with the Robot Master countdown and Protoman theme.
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User Info: retro_9980

1 week ago#17
SMB2 was always my favorite not just cause it was neat and had good graphics, but I always liked challenging myself to naming all the characters as they slowly scrolled up the screen and impressing others during the process.

User Info: Valandil75

1 week ago#18
Gotta agree SMB2... I remember the night I beat it with 9 inches of snow on the ground and school was canceled the next day, I think it was 6th grade. At the time, most top tier Nintendo games would have something cool happen in the ending (Metroid) or revert back to the title screen for new game +... I left the system on for four hours expecting Mario to get up at some point but I was wrong. Just "the end." Around the same time I had a game called "Little Computer People" for the C64 and I left the system on for three weeks straight to see if my tenant would die if I didn't feed him or refill the water cooler... he just turned green and stayed in bed the whole time unfortunately.

User Info: strikezone1

1 week ago#19
I like a lot that have already been mentioned. SMB 2 & 3, NGs, CVs, Splatterhouse, SF2010, MMs (especially 2), Batman, Bionic Commando.

A few others off the top of my head that I liked would be Little Nemo, 8 Eyes, Rainbow Islands, Zen: Intergalactic Ninja, & Mr Gimmick.

User Info: jedisamurai

6 days ago#20
The Castlevania III Syfa ending is probably my favorite.

SMB2 or MM3 though probably has the best ending.
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