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User Info: 2001mark

1 week ago#1
I think I still love Super Mario Bros. 2's dream ending the best. The Wart battle is still f'n awesome, eye popping visuals & fun cerebral music to make it pop.
Nintendo making the game a dream is a classic movie/tv trope which works perfectly for the Doki Doki Mario game - it's not really cannon if it's Mario's dream. I love the shy-guys in Yoshi's Island, yet I can fully appreciate the creative way to brush that SMB2 world aside from the Mushroom Kingdom as dream.
It felt like a cinematic finale.

User Info: mbd42

1 week ago#2
Castlevania. The final battle with Dracula and then the cinematic ending with the castle crumbling down and the credits was really cool at the time.

Ninja Gaiden's ending was obviously influenced by Castlevania and is another one of my favorites.

Batman. It feels so good when Batman just murders the Joker after that tough boss fight.

User Info: Sadekuuro

1 week ago#3
StarTropics is the first game that came to mind.

User Info: Mover_of_Zigs

1 week ago#4
Mega Man 2. I just love the somber walk home followed by the stellar (har har) end credits music
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User Info: ChaseXtreme

1 week ago#5
Fighting Shadow Link in Zelda 2 is one of my favorite final boss fights. I never use that cheap ducking in corner trick.

User Info: Dugger1981

1 week ago#6
Bionic Commando. Awesome game and ending. Made you feel like you were watching a great action movie.

Maniac Mansion. Many different and amusing endings.

The Guardian Legend. One of my favorite games and a great ending.

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants. When your enemies etch your face upon Mt. Rushmore, you've earned their respect.

Edit: I must include the ending to Paperboy. Yeah, it's a stupid ending, but wouldn't you love to be able to retire in glory after working seven days as a paperboy?
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User Info: retroid34

1 week ago#7
Came here to post SMB2. Totally agree with TC. I was really impressed, especially as an 8 years old kid unaware of the cliche.

Like Castlevania 1. It was the first game where I fought a final boss with a second form, so being new to the cliche it gave me a memorable impression.

Speaking of Zelda 2 above, I also like the final battle in Battle of Olympus: you use the moonlight powers to see the reflect of Hades in the lake.

User Info: Maximothelad

1 week ago#8
Bionic Commando : Great ending , exploding head, and cool graphics.
Ninja Gaiden : just epic
Mega Man 2 : As a kid I was blown away by the graphics and him walking around changing outfits
Contra: Island blows up... HOW CAN IT GET ANY BETTER!?!?

User Info: Zzonkmiles

1 week ago#9
I really liked SMB2's ending. The whole "it was only a dream" thing was entirely appropriate since I always thought of the world as a "dream world." Fun game.

I also enjoyed Castlevania 2's ending only because that was the first game I played that had multiple endings and I had no clue why one ending was all gray and another ending was in color. Then one time I got an ending in which a zombie hand came out and I thought I unlocked some secret.

Battletoads is another game I enjoyed beating. The ending was kinda meh, but just knowing that I finally beat that ridiculous game with its ridiculous difficulty was hugely satisfying.

Dragon Warrior 4 had a good ending too--I liked traveling back to all the towns and then the tear-jerking reunification at the end.

Double Dragon 2 had an incredible final boss fight and another heartwarming ending.
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User Info: bruplex

1 week ago#10
Off the top of my head:

Magic of Scheherazade - a fitting ending to a truly epic journey. A lot of memorable characters see the hero to the end -

Mega Man 2 - I know it's already been mentioned a few times, but the "seasons change" ending feels more profound than the designers probably intended.

Super Mario Bros. 3 - It wasn't until many years later the game was designed to be a "play", but I still like the ol' revisiting the levels ending screens.

Legacy of the Wizard - A fairly standard issue ending, but the ending credits have great music - and I like all the monsters getting a mention (even if we don't quite know what name matches what monster).

Castlevania - "Watching the evil castle crumble in the distance" became a video game trope, but it was the first time I saw it. The ridiculous credits add to the charm.
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