3 months ago #6
    Good choice for your inaugural game week! Excellent game. Challenging, but forgiving with the unlimited continues & passwords.

    nesplayer posted...
    I always hated the fact that you couldn't continue on A-3, that was totally unfair

    It adds a bit of difficulty and frustration, for sure. A-3 isn't too tough or long to get through though.

    Jumpman81 posted...
    I'm probably in the minority but my go-to game for a Castlevania fix has always been the first one.

    I'm with ya. CV3 is a slightly better game IMO, but the original CV is shorter and more pick-up-and-play friendly.

    bruplex posted...
    CV3 with no spirit friends is one of my favorite NES challenges.

    This is how I like to play it as well. I'll grab a spirit friend but not use them. An additional challenge is taking the tough path, i.e. the Flooded City and Cliffside.