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User Info: Damon Plus

Damon Plus
2 months ago#1
Although the Top 100 is a great sorce for the best Nintendo games, it's been a popularity contest too. I agree with most of the games and their position, but there are a couple that, IMO, don't belong in there.

One is Final Fantasy. If it hadn't spawn a popular franchise, I wonder if it would be as high as it is with the dated gameplay and bugs.

Another one I have never understood is SMB2. The different characters are cool, but I don't find the game fun. I beat it 2-3 back in early 00's and never got the urge to play it again. And when I did, I got bored after a couple stages.

And Duck Hunt should be nowhere near a Top 100 Nes game, and surely not 26th.

A couple I think should be higher are the 2 first Ninja Gaiden. Playing them recently, the have tighter gameplay than most side-scrollers, and their style of fast gameplay feels amazing.

Which games dou you think should be in a different position?
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User Info: mbd42

2 months ago#2
Batman and Jackal should be ranked higher. They're probably even more highly regarded now than they were when this poll was made.

I'm surprised that Battletoads is ranked so high considering that most players give up at the turbo tunnel. Of course if you can make progress then the game is very rewarding.

User Info: uffbulle

2 months ago#3
Most of the earlier stuff, as well as Ninja Gaiden, CV2 and Tecmo Super Bowl, should be a bit lower. TMNT 3 should be higher than 2. The rest is mostly fine. - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, guides and more. - Played games
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User Info: bruplex

2 months ago#4
Agree with TC's thought on Duck Hunt, disagree with Final Fantasy.

M.C. Kids is waaaay too high at 60. It befuddles me that people compare it to SMB 3 - it has terrible, stiff play control, repetitive levels, and bland music. I know there are users here who absolutely love it, but I see it as a very average platformer.

Ninja Gaiden III not making the top 100 is a shame, I'd actually put it in my personal top 10 these days.

Super Spike V-Ball is in there - not an awful game, but I think Kings of the Beach is the best volleyball title on the NES.
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User Info: NES_Man_II

2 months ago#5
Zelda 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Double Dragon 2, Battle of Olympus, Super Spike V Ball, and Batman should ALL be higher on the list.

Punch-Out!! is redundant and shouldn't even be on the list.

User Info: HighwayPilot

2 months ago#6
Batman is just criminally low. I suspect the Joker had a hand in that one.

Like I assume pretty much anyone would, I'd make many changes in the order. But after giving the entire list a quick glance, the first thing I'd do is reduce the number of baseball games, and add Bases Loaded instead.
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User Info: Jumpman81

2 months ago#7
Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior 1 are both too high. DW3 and 4 should both be higher.

Duck Hunt is only on there because practically everyone who had an NES had Duck Hunt with SMB.

It doesn't make sense to have both versions of Punch-Out on there. They should have combined votes for either version.

I wonder how many of Mario Bros.' votes were people who thought they were voting for SMB?

I think the TMNT games are kind of overrated, especially 2. Still like them all though.

I've never been able to get into Snake Rattle and Roll which a lot of people seem to like. I mean it's a really good-looking game with solid music, but the isometric perspective, funky play control and collecting eggs to progress setup in every level make it more frustrating and tedious than fun imo.

Also surprising how some really popular fan favorites on this board missed the top 100 entirely, namely Shatterhand, Vice Project Doom, both GI Joe games, and Kickmaster.
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User Info: mbd42

2 months ago#8
Jumpman81 posted...

I've never been able to get into Snake Rattle and Roll which a lot of people seem to like. I mean it's a really good-looking game with solid music but the isometric perspective and the whole collecting eggs to make it get really frustrating in a hurry.

I felt the same way about SR&R. NES Marble Madness is one of the games that I'm best at, but I couldn't get into SR&R because of the extreme difficulty. But then I put some time into it. It does get easier with practice. I've made it to level 9. If you think that the earlier levels are bad, the later ones have freaking ice physics.

There is another annoying level where you have to swim underwater and catch a bunch of fish and the isometric perspective makes it tricky to line up with them
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User Info: Zenoth

2 months ago#9
An interesting aspect to consider is how "Top" [X, Y, Z] of All Time" lists - be it your own personal, or a list made by a community via voting over time - are usually made many years, often decades after. Our general perception of those games as adults are often generously embellished by nostalgia, or even sometimes blurred by obscure long-forgotten details about criticisms we might have had of them back then.

Very few of us would have made a Top 100 NES games of all time list at around 10 years-old back when the console itself was still on store shelves and games for it still being released. I'm mentioning this because it definitely explains the position that many (although not all) of those games get to. I do wonder how many of us here genuinely replayed any amount of the listed games on the list recently, and then proceeded to vote; rather than voting simply based off of nostalgia from the last time they played it maybe 15 years+ ago.

There are - obviously - a number of well known games at the absolute top that are there for way too many good reasons. And of those games there's no real necessity to revisit them with a more critical adult and mature (and gaming-related experienced) mind. I wouldn't image a game like SMB3 going any lower. But in cases like Batman for example, then there's definitely room for analyses and perhaps an editing of the list. That, or a complete re-do of the whole list based on complete new votes over an even longer period of time.

Something like Duck Hunt, I can agree with, should probably be lower. To reiterate, something like Batman should most likely find itself higher. There's room for improvement for a more 'representative' / accurate list pointing at true quality games. Then again, we pretty much all have our own personal "Top" lists in our mind and hearts. It's all very subjective. I would know of some people not even including Metroid anywhere on any list, as criminal as it sounds. It really is "to each their own". If someone grew up with Duck Hunt for 3 years during their youth and holding that game in high regards enough to be the absolutely #1 on the NES then there's no issues for them claiming it.

But... I wouldn't mind if we were to do a revision of the list. I do think that there's a good number of games in there that deserve to be either lower or higher.

User Info: ZoqFotPik

2 months ago#10
As you said, times change, opinions change, and even new voters come and old ones go. The GAB top 100 list (which was done about 5 years ago) is quite different.

And heck no, my younger self wouldn't have even played 100 NES games!
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