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User Info: Zzonkmiles

9 years ago#11
Castlevania 3 ranked below Super Tecmo Bowl and Metroid? Le gasp!
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User Info: RT_55J

9 years ago#12
Looking back at the list I made, if I were to change anything, I'd probably shove Batman in there, replace MM5 with MM4, and shuffle around the order (Metal Storm's novelty has worn off for me). Other than that, I think I made pretty good choices.
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User Info: MaynardRules

9 years ago#13
I legit want this stickied.

Also, that list of voters really brings back the memories.

User Info: Hermit_Crab

9 years ago#14
Wow, can't believe how long this topic has been going on, even moreso that I'd been here even well before it started, wish I could remember when I had started on Gamefaqs back with my first username HermitCrab, heck, I can't even recall what games I voted for way back then, but am pretty sure they were some oddball lesser known titles.

While I never used nor needed this top 100 NES list, I think it was an excellent idea and still a very valuable tool for the NES community in general, afterall it was all of us that got together and contributed to it, and created what is considered to be the best of what this console has to offer. I'm with MaynardRules on this, this final topic definitely needs to be stickied, its a great asset and needs not to disappear. And, it really is awesome to see all those usernames.
I'm kind of sad that it is over with because it lasted so long. Eight years is a freaking eternity in terms of the internet. I just want to thank you elprincipe for keeping it going all this time and giving the whole NES community a valuable tool for building up collections.

I can say personally this list was extremely important to me when I got back into NES games recently and I needed to know what was good. I actually knew about this list through searching about the greatest NES games on google before I knew about itself lol. I second that this topic become a sticky as it is a priceless resource at this point.
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User Info: elprincipe

9 years ago#17
Thanks ButtonMasher. I never thought it would last this long when it started. It was fun doing it, but it did take a fair bit of time and I don't have much extra time nowadays. In any case, we got a very good number of people to contribute already.

I'll post more data later (#1 votes, etc.).
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User Info: Terotrous

9 years ago#18
Hmm, I guess I didn't vote after all, oh well. It wouldn't have made much difference.

I'm kind of surprised that MTPO placed quite as high as it did. I would not have guessed 4th for it.
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User Info: jls403

9 years ago#19
One of the greatest topics on the board. Definitely needs stickied. Thanks for all of the hard work!

User Info: The President

The President
9 years ago#20
Kind of amazing to think that I was one of the first voters ever for this list as megotobathroom. Today!
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