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User Info: KingMikeX

1 month ago#81
So is it a game as forgettable as its license? :D

User Info: ShaolinAced

1 month ago#82
KingMikeX posted...
So is it a game as forgettable as its license? :D
Yeah. I remember it being a platformer and you were a yellow cat or tiger and.. that's it. I can't find it anywhere which leads me to believe I sold it. Must have just threw it in there.

User Info: PStrife

1 month ago#83
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage is even worse on the SNES, it runs so slow I literally turned it off out of pure boredom, despite getting through it. It is one of those poorly optimized SNES games. The Genesis version at least runs a whole lot faster and is thus passable, taking it for granted.

Ballz 3D is just awful and not fun.
Batman Forever. Gave up after 5 minutes.
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User Info: GeOstyle

1 month ago#85
Robocop 3. Wow .....crappy movie and game. In fact none of the robocop 3 games are good!
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User Info: Venom3D

3 weeks ago#86
Ignoring the obvious Barney's Hide and Seek, the worst I played was Belle's Quest. It was incredibly boring. Some of the levels had many areas that looked the same, making navigation frustrating, though I remember the second level having a gimmick telling you which way to go. I actually enjoyed playing Shaq-Fu more than this game.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

3 weeks ago#87
Bubsy 2, and Eternal Champions, Eternal Champions tried to be an animated Mortal Kombat, it just fails at everything.
Bubsy 2 is a big letdown from the first game.
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User Info: Lastjustice

2 weeks ago#88
Cyborg Justice is so so, but still playable. I've beaten it, but I can understand why people don't like it. It's a game that ambition and ideas exceeded it's number of buttons and ability to execute them smoothly. It reminds me of the NES double dragon games, where clunky controls are the barrier to enjoying the game. That times ten as the learning curve is even higher. Simple things like jumping become a difficult task and often get you killed.

I think Cyborg Justice might worked out a bit better if it came out later in the genesis life cycle. Had they designed it for a 6 button controller instead of a 3. Having a button solely for jumping would made this game so much easier, as you fall into pits or die to missiles more than enemies. Having a duck and special weapon button might made the combat smoother than it is. Between the wind up time and not being able to easily fire your weapons it neutered most of their usefulness. (which the arm you launch is just laughable.)Ultimately the majority of the deep move set and customization can be rendered meaningless by learning a couple moves than kill everything. The tackle, and arm pull are two most dangerous moves. Tackling makes short work of most enemies, and the arm pull kills any normal enemy in 2 uses. (first use removes their arm, second use their torso.)

Granted even if you had smoother controls the game would still have two obstacles to being a good game. The enemies are all the same outside of the last boss, making the game long as repetitive. They wanted make all the parts able to be stolen, so all the enemies are build of the same possible parts you are. You have play the game in the hardest setting to get the real ending and fight the last boss, which adds more levels and just makes the game even longer. The last boss is just a giant screw you, as nothing in the game prepares you for how fight it. It requires knowing how do certain moves you easily could have ignored ever learning to win. You need backflip at will which like I said the controls aren't always the most responsive. if you can't do that you will die horribly since it's impossible to avoid it's attacks any other way. You need then do down and up strikes to score hits against it's weak points. The rest of the game never required anything remotely this precise. The whole experience is very counter intuitive to how the last boss is handled.

All that said I enjoyed mauling enemies and reducing them to limbless gimps as I beat stuffing out of them, but rarely did I feel the desire to go from start to finish once I'd actually done it. I think there's stuff that worked, but it missed the mark. I respect what they tried to do, even if they fell short. It's a game that's flawed but it's short coming are from overreaching than lack of effort. I feel like Armored Warriors , was the game this wanted to be as it takes most of the same concepts and makes a far more fun game to play.
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