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  3. Xbox controller keeps randomly loosing bluetooth connection. x_x
Zanimar 11 months ago#1
Hello, apologies for being a bother, but I'm having an issue where my Xbox controller will randomly lose it's connection via bluetooth and when it reconnects it always ends up not working normally and usually messes up the game. I have both a Xbox One controller and a Xbox Series X controller and both have the same issue. Any advice on how to solve this issue?
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aryanbrar 11 months ago#2
is the battery full??

for me when it does that is because battery is about to die and it also messes up my games as well
Zanimar 11 months ago#3
Hmm, it may be possible that the battery was running low, though I can't really tell.
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ImaPC 11 months ago#4
Easiest solution is to just buy the official wireless adapter (works with Xbox One and Series X contollers). I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but interference and connectivity issues seem to be much more common than you'd like with bluetooth.

It's a small additional cost, but if things aren't working for you on the other it's the easiest way to fix it. It's a different connection that doesn't have the issues bluetooth does. You can connect multiple controllers (up to 8) on a single adapter, while Bluetooth is recommended for single controller only. Controller attachments are supported with the adapter, and are not with Bluetooth.

Naysaspace 11 months ago#5
update your BT drivers
7ime5top 11 months ago#6
Naysaspace posted...
update your BT drivers

Also make sure to download the Xbox accessories app and update the controller firmware. This was an issue for me as well until I did this. Works great now.
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ZodiacSoldier 11 months ago#7
My Xbox One controller don't have this issue, just make sure to update Bluetooth and controller.

My Xbox Series controller does though, Microsoft said they know about the issue "that occurs in a few controllers" and is suppose to release an update to fix it.

I didn't want to wait and bought the wireless adapter (MSRP $25), I haven't had any issues since. There can be issues finding them in stock for MSRP, but BestBuy currently has it available for $25.
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it_r_over9000 11 months ago#8
I had that issue with my Elite series 2 when I tried Bluetooth on it and I just stopped using it and used it wired. I just recently got the wireless adapter so I can use it wirelessly in my living room and it works great so I'd recommend that. It's only around $20.
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googler 11 months ago#9
Had the same issue with the Elite. Probably driver issues
Auron_Masamune 11 months ago#10
It's most likely that you just need to update the firmware of the controller. Just go the the MS store and get the Xbox Accessories app and update through it.
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