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  3. What region of Elder Scrolls 6 do you expect the game to take place in?

User Info: AttackUp

3 weeks ago#1
And what year do you think it'll release?
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User Info: monkmith

3 weeks ago#2
saw someone make a case for hammerfell, something about the trailer and how sword singers would be a good replacement for shouting.
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User Info: Ruppe21

3 weeks ago#3
Nobody knows anything yet, if you've seen the teaser you know as much as the rest of us.
Instead of another gimmicky shout like thing how about they give us a decent magic system.

User Info: EnemyWithin88

3 weeks ago#4
To me the location wont matter so much because I know it wont be any of the real fantastical locations and also because they've got alot to fix to make me have interest again
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User Info: SleepComa

3 weeks ago#5
Hopefully we finally see Akavir.
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User Info: d209999

3 weeks ago#6
Elder Scrolls 6: Pay $0.99 to press Start
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User Info: coinstarcad

3 weeks ago#7
Are you sure it isn't Elder Scrolls 76?

User Info: Lucavi000

3 weeks ago#8
High Rock or Hammerfell or maybe a combination of the two since High Rock is pretty small.
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User Info: Black_Assassin

3 weeks ago#9
Skyrim 2
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 weeks ago#10
Elder scrolls in space
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  3. What region of Elder Scrolls 6 do you expect the game to take place in?
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