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  3. Should I connect my PC to a surge supressor or voltage regulator?

User Info: Paragon21XX

1 month ago#51
Just get a quality UPS to get both functions. Go with CyberPower (not to be confused with CyberPowerPC), Tripp Lite, or APC. Just make sure that you get a "pure sine wave" model if your PC's PSU has active PFC; modified sine wave UPSs can potentially damage this type of PSU.

tonicpalin posted...
MrDude1 posted...

Are you a joking?
My UPS doesn't get half as hot as my cell phone. It's not hot enough to burn.
I am more worried about my cellphone burning down my house than my UPS.

UPSs are pretty sturdy but when they do f*** up, you're talking about a big toxic leaded battery that holds a lot more power than a puny phone, unless you're using a very old model.

A UPS is potentially a lot more dangerous than a phone.


User Info: thegreatsquare

1 month ago#52
If you have an issue with the wiring where it can kill your TV, you'll kill the UPS too.
If 261-politics existed in the 1950s, it's likely that at some point they would've modded the pro-desegregation and pro-interracial marriage posts as offensive

User Info: westom1

1 month ago#53
MrDude1 posted...
My UPS has never even ran at full capacity. I touch it all the time and it never feel more than lukewarm.

Nobody said anything about failure due to an overload or capacity. Obvious if one understood internal UPS functions or read what was already posted. Overloads are made completely irrelevant by overcurrent protection that is standard in a UPS or power supply. One should know that before speculating conclusions.

That Cyberpower can be destroyed by transients maybe too tiny to harm electronics. Its (ignored) specification numbers say so. That problem has no relationship to capacity of other completely unrelated circuits (what might get warm). Circuit that creates a threat does nothing until a microseconds transient occurs - maybe once every seven years. Apparently that knowledge was unread (or ignored).

Neither voltage regulator nor that 'magic box' protector will do anything to protect the OPs TV. Voltage variations do not damage any electronics. The fewer, with basic electrical knowledge, have contributed useful recommendations on protection and also said why.

Again, if voltage variations are that large, then a wiring defect (a potential threat to human life) must be corrected. Those do not damage electronics but can be problematic for motorized appliances.

Never buy a magic box to cure that symptom. Fix the defect - if it exists.
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