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  3. Should I get CyberPunk 2077 for PS4/PS5 or PC based on my PC specs???

User Info: Sir_Haxor

1 month ago#21
TC is a known Sony fanboy on the PS4 board. This is just a stealth topic trying to claim that the PS5 is going to come close/surpass the specs he listed, meaning PC gaming will be "outdated"next gen.
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User Info: WhiteZeus

1 month ago#22
I am geniunly afraid of my 1080TI not being able to handle it in all it's glory...

User Info: Boge

1 month ago#23
TwoDat posted...
Hey guys I have almost top of the line PC specs, should I buy it for PC or ps? Derp derp.
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User Info: mayatola

1 month ago#24
yohabroha posted...
Insaan posted...
Turning on Raytracing in BFV completely tanks my FPS

How does raytracing effect the framerate on the ps4 version?

LOL, made my day. Thanks :D
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User Info: CraiCrushna

1 month ago#25
Based on Specs alone, PC but like all things we need to wait for the game to release/beta to see how it performs. If The Witcher 3 is any indication than it will be an okay launch but eventually become super stable and good.

User Info: chooby87

1 month ago#26
Crenlar posted...
chooby87 posted...
Hey guys will my computer work for this game. This guys PC is so beast so I am really worried.

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So worried if this is enough should I buy the amazing new xbox coming out?

Also this a joke. Dude knows his PC is good enough and honestly is trolling.

That pc will run it at 4K/30 fps but if you want 8k/120 fps performance you'll need to get the PS 5.

well thnx for watching out. This old POS is going right in the garbage and I will be switching to the PS5. Super excited.
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