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User Info: arleas

2 months ago#11
I'll have to wait till I'm at my computer for a more complete list, but one game I haven't seen mentioned yet is "In Death". Another archery game where you are killing crusade soldiers and monks with a few skeletons and demons thrown in. It's a rogue like so if any of that sounds good then check it out.

Zaccaria pinball has a vr DLC that allows you to play the whole thing in VR and it's pretty great (for those kinds of tables). It's a shame that pinball arcade could not do it and pinball fx2 only had a select few tables available and it was a separate purchase so you had to buy tables over again just for vr.

Also check out Sairento and Raw Data. I remember thinking Raw Data was very polished looking back in late 2016.

User Info: yohabroha

2 months ago#12
Sairento looks badass
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User Info: texasnubbin

2 months ago#13
If you're interested at all in driving or flying games, invest in a force feedback racing wheel and/or a HOTAS. Elite Dangerous VR with HOTAS is a whole new experience, as is Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally, and even ETS2 with a wheel.

I use the Driving Force GT wheel made for PS3 and the Thrustmaster HOTAS made for PS4.

User Info: arleas

2 months ago#14
Yeah, x plane 11 is a great flight sim marred by the fact it only uses one CPU core so that winds up being the limiting factor but it's still great to see the interior of the plane just as you would in real life.

Ultrawings is another more arcadey style flight sim that uses all vr controls but you can use a HOTAS if you have one. In a lot of ways the vr controls are better once you get used to them.

DCS world is a free base game to try out and lots of expensive DLC for kick ass planes. I think it requires a good HOTAS to get the most out of it.

User Info: Ivany2008

2 months ago#15
I've heard Super hot is fantastic.

User Info: ArkonBlade

2 months ago#16
Skyrim VR
Fallout 4 VR
Serious Sam 1, 2, 3, Last Hope
Alien Isolation
Arizona Sunshine
Blade and Sorcery
Dead Effect 2
Eagle Flight
Elite Dangerous
Final Approach
The Forest
Project Cars 1 and 2
Island 359
Killing Floor incursion
Megaton rainfall
Moonshot galaxy
Mount Wingsuit
Raw Data

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User Info: SilentCaay

2 months ago#17
Beat Saber and H3VR are my favs (both in sig). Airtone is my second favorite rhythm game.

Some other favs, just in alphabetical order as I scan my library:

Accounting+ - There's a free version but the paid version is worth it.
Alice Mystery Garden - A simple and adorable puzzle game, worth it for the like $3 they charge.
Arizona Sunshine - A polished zombie shooter. A little pricey at full price but it's one of my favs to demo VR to people with (after they get used to VR, of course)
A Chair in a Room - A bit older these days but it's still one of the only really spooky games I've played in VR.
Duck Season - Not just a Duck Hunt parody. If you grew up in the 90s, this is a nostalgia bomb.
Gal*Gun 2 + VR DLC - A very polished shooter with a unique premise. If you're a fan of the Gal*Gun series, you need this. If not and if you have a good sense of humor you'll probably enjoy it, regardless. (Do not buy Gal*Gun VR. It's a crappy unfinished prototype for this very same game.)
Google Earth VR - A free app that let's you explore the entire world in VR. Simply amazing. (Make sure to turn off "Comfort Mode" and turn on "Human Scale" in the options for the best experience.)
Google Spotlight Stories - It's a series of mini movies in VR. It's a mixed bag but they're all free so give them a go.
Hop Step Sing! - A series of music videos in VR. Worth it if you're a weeb. If you only wanted to try one first, I'd recommend Kimamani Summer Vacation. Nozokanaide Naked Heart and kissxkissxkiss are also good. Kisekiteki Shining! is ok if you want to get the full bundle but it's kind of rough visually since it's their first attempt at this.
In Death - A fantastic rogue-lite bow & arrow game.
LA Noire: VR Case Files - This is a good sample of a polished AAA game in VR. You only get 7 cases, though, so it's not the full game. You do get the entire map available to free roam in if you just want to drive around. All of the controls have been ported to motion controls and it all works pretty well. There are some issues like it does tend to crash if I play it too long but it's worth putting up with some minor issues.
The Lab - Once you get into VR it losses a lot of value but it's free and it's good to keep on hand to demo VR to people with.
Organ Quarter - A pretty decent homage to the old Silent Hill games. It's a bit too campy to be scary and the gun play is pretty weak but overall it was a fun playthrough.
Sairento - Badass cyber ninja simulator.
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User Info: dummy420

2 months ago#18
I don't know if it still comes packed with oculus products but robo recall was pretty good also.
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User Info: MyloMane

2 months ago#19
Nice, picked up In Death, gonna try it out later tonight. Also going to play more Sairento. Lastly, gotta take the time and load up a bunch of mods for Skyrim VR.

Still really adjusting to the types of games in VR. Looking forward to more and more coming out.

Also, for anyone on the fence about The Rift S, I like it way better than the Rift. Its way clearer, the longer cord is much better, having no sensors is a world of difference, and waaaay easier to setup boundaries.

Also, waaaay better being able to see the world in black and white while you have the headset still on.

A lot of people said they didn't think it was much of an upgrade, but it sure is IMO.
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User Info: Solhdier

2 months ago#20
Forgot about Mass Exodus, its a great local multiplayer up to 4 on a PC vs the one with the headset.
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