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  3. Steam says both Divinity II and Fallout 4 are RPG's are both equally RPG's ?

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
4 weeks ago#11
Voidgolem posted...
"RPG" is shorthand for "RPG Elements", these days.

you level up and increase stats in both games, ergo both are RPGs.

"ARPG" is pretty explicitly "Diablo-like", though.

The bold part is especially true lately.
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User Info: Kano92

4 weeks ago#12
By the way is the original Mass Effect trilogy also kind of like the modern Fallout games where it does it's own thing, cause once again GF's has it classified as a ARPG ? I get the feeling it would be my type of game I would like, easy to pick up and play not too complex either ?
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User Info: Fade2black001

4 weeks ago#13
Kano92 posted...
No their diff games my game I'm talking about is this one:

your talking about this one:


Why do people not know simple grammar?
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User Info: Lum_Yatsura

4 weeks ago#14
Primitive forms of action RPG includes games like Final Fantasy Adventure.
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User Info: Spaced92

4 weeks ago#15
What everyone thought of as RPG's are now niche, AAA games so commonly have RPG elements they have essentially replaced traditional RPG games in terms of labelling. But it's not a very good label in the first place, Morrowind and Baldur's Gate are like oil and water.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

4 weeks ago#16
Oh, good, this argument again.

The short answer is, "no, they are not equally RPGs."

The longer answer is, "no, Divinity OS2 is an RPG, while Fallout 4 is an FPS."

The really long answer is: Starting sometime in the 7th Generation, everyone forgot what RPGs are, while simultaneously trying to shoehorn a bunch of non-RPGs - like Borderlands, Fallout 3+, Elder Scrolls, etc. - into a "new" subgenre called "W"RPG alongside actual RPGs like the Diablo series and all the classic Infinity Engine games. Along with that "new" genre, these conspirators tried to slice off any RPG made in an Asian country into another "new" subgenre called "J"RPGs, based on alleged "very important gameplay differences" that did not and do not actually exist. Neither of these genres actually existed, nor still do, but people will argue to the death that Baldur's Gate - an obvious RPG based on tabletop D&D - is in the same genre as any number of straight-up FPSes, Sandboxes, or Action/Adventures, while NOT in the same genre as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy - which were also originally based on D&D.

And "Action/RPG" need not be the nebulous headscratcher that it apparently is to so many. "Action" means "Real Time" in this context, thus an Action/RPG is an RPG with real-time RPG-style gameplay. You can compare Baldur's Gate and Diablo (both Action/RPGs, though Diablo goes further into the Hack 'n Slash subgenre due to its focus on random loot hoarding) to Divinity OS/2 and Dragon Quest (both traditional turn-based RPGs), and see the similarities in the gameplay. You CANNOT, however, see many, if any, similarities between the gameplay in those RPGs and the large number of (frequently Fantasy-themed) Action/non-RPGs that people love to push, like the afore-mentioned Fallout 3+, Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Zelda, Mass Effect, Witcher 2+ and countless others.

User Info: robert43s

4 weeks ago#17
Divinity 2 isn't that complicated. There's also another part, and you should be able to buy them together (DKS - Dragon Knight Saga). Not a bad game (I remember playing it on Xbox 360, and then later replaying on Xbox one x).

Essentially DKS continues where divinity 2 finishes off. I would say together they complete the game.
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