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  3. Laptop won't charge... not sure what to do

User Info: Foxfire15

4 weeks ago#21
Saibak posted...
Does the plug from your charger have a needle in it? If so, check if it´s bent in a wrong way.

If it was damaged, it wouldn't work at all. I still don't think there's anything wrong with his charger. If it can't handle the load of charging the battery (which is fairly light), I would certainly expect it would crap out under the load of gaming. My money is on the mobo. That said, I also don't think it's worth replacing the mobo unless the battery things bugs you that much.
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User Info: wildog2006

4 weeks ago#22
I bet the previous owner spilled liquid on it. Look closely at it next time you take it apart. Especially under the keyboard.
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User Info: 32x2z

4 weeks ago#23
Well I'm gonna take a shot and say the motherboard is starting to fail. Are your chargers between those laptops compatible? Why not try that charger if it is and see what's up?

Honestly, I would replace the motherboard but that's just me. I mean if one part of it is failing, why should the others not start to fail soon? Every time I've had parts fail on my motherboards for desktop, it gets worse over time. The sooner you replace the motherboard, the cheaper it will be due to supply demands and quantity. Regardless, at least you know your problem is the motherboard or charger now.
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User Info: Merc009

4 weeks ago#24
The chargers are not compatible which I find odd as one is a way bigger connecter than the other and they deliver much different amounts of current and voltage.

My guess is some circuitry that relates the battery connector and the board itself went bad so the battery can’t receive charge and it can’t provide it either.

I don’t mind using it as a desktop so I guess I will do that considering these laptops run about $1700 and I basically got it for $1000 dollars off, even if the battery worked it would probably last 2-3 hours anyway
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