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User Info: Superrpgman

2 months ago#1
Here's a topic that I think that we've needed for a while.

So, what games have you played either today, or recently? Anything noteworthy?

Say as little, or as much as you want.

As per usual, I'm playing several games at once.

RPG Fighter League: Beat the Advanced League, and the Big Bad Wolf League. I went from 3 party members to 7, which is awesome! Wish I could find a link that suggests parties, because party members only gain exp when they're with you, which unfortunately has always been the way rpgmaker has worked.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker: I am now in chapter 2, and I am a baron. Gonna continue it when I feel like doing some medievil politics. The game has gotten a lot more complicated with this chapter, and more importantly, intimidating.

Operanica: The Stolen Sun: Just beat the game a few hours ago, yay! First rpg beaten in 2019!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Did a couple of the intro thievery related quests, and the pugilism sidequest in Rattan, as well as collected a bunch of flowers to build up alchemy. About to continue the main quest, and let the Knight know that I had his sword stolen from me.
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User Info: WoodenRook

2 months ago#2
Beat War2 Orc side, I'm on stage 13 of 14 for Humans and then have the expansion left.

The king's face when you win with Orcs is priceless.
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User Info: Apex_Predator

2 months ago#4
I've been playing through KotOR II: TSLRCM (restored content mod) for the past few days now. Never beat the game so it feels pretty fresh to me, however, I did get somewhat far in it in an earlier playthrough which makes some dialogue lines make more sense. I started the game as a lightsided jedi guardian, pretty much your default tank / soldier. I completed the Ebon Hawk intro with T3. I always thought that was a pretty good intro to the game. Then, I proceeded to the dreaded Peragus II mining station. Luckily, I've played this part a bunch of times and am playing on PC so my game is running at full speed which made this part go by way faster. Otherwise, it's kind of a slog and just when you think you're done the game is like "SURPRISE" you still have this second ship to explore. Usually, this is where the fatigue really starts to set in, especially if you've played the first game since this one is basically a reskin. Went to Telos next to get through the customary "arrest" scene. Ended up going LS and siding with Chodo Habat and the Ithorians. Also eliminated both Luxa and Slusk or whatever his name is. Proceeded to the restoration zone to link up with Bao Dur, who is starting to grow on me, and find the missing shuttle. Did all of that and ended up at the Secret Academy run by Atris. Resisted calling her a b**** and opted for a more cordial convo. I did take out my rage on the 5 handmaidens as I whooped their ass prior to taking my ship back. Got the ship and set off for Dantoine, the first planet I am going to complete. Anyway, I'm about to load up my save and I'm right at the last part of Dantoine where there is a big battle and you need to chose sides. It's right after rescuing / killing Master Vrook.
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User Info: wantfastcars

2 months ago#5
I went to the arcade and played a bunch of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 and Initial D Arcade Stage 0.

I'm still not very good at Initial D but I'm getting better, and it's a lot of fun. I had some mission where I apparently had a passenger in the car and I was supposed to be impressing him or something and it seemed to go well.

I'm getting pretty decent at Wangan Midnight. My GTR R34 is at 740HP peak, but I usually keep it tuned more around 680-700 to give it a little more handling except on the really straight tracks. Some other guy had his R32 tuned to 800HP but the engine exploded in his pursuit of hitting 320km/h. Oops.
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User Info: Kharillle

2 months ago#6
Warband with gekokujo mod and suguroku. Its got those japanese voiced war cries and pistols. I'd love to play 0.9 perisno but my desktop is 5 years old and it takes a while just to get the game up and running. Auto loot helps smooth things rather than manually allocating loot.
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User Info: 32x2z

2 months ago#7
AOEII: I like to do 1v2 Expert on Highlands. The map will occasionally spawn with one/two bridge-ways. The computer is not smart enough to transport troops across the river. I create the choke point at the bridge-ways and build a navy around the choke point. The navy holds the choke point while I maintain enough resources to keep up with their advancement. Once I hit the 4th age, I advance my ships and take the rest of the river. The towers near the choke point down the ships pretty quick once you hit the third age and getting a castle up asap will force the computer to aim for the other choke point where I can mass more troops. Trebuchets can't be used because they're in range of my ships while my castle is in range of their ships. Lots of Micro-management which is fun.

I'll then transport troops over, build a base with 3-4 castles, trebuchets, and 30+ stables and 15+ archery ranges. I'll create onagars to destroy the wood (pretend you're attacking people but it's trees) and I'll wipe out as many trees as possible to deprive them of wood for their rebuild. Mass spam skirmishers and Hussars that rush two angles of their base to attack. I then rush a third and 4th angle from the choke point. Four angles of attack forces the computers hand while giving me two free army to wipe out everything near them. I provide constant reinforcements to the angle that is in battle with their military until they have survived the onslaught and all that is left at the other angles of attack is death.

I do this with subnautica as well. There's gravity machines that draw in animals around you. I'll setup a dozen of them around my base so if I'm getting chased, they grab the animal and hold him there. Then I go up to the animal and hack it down. I'm waiting for the Michael Vick mod where I get to make all my captive animals fight each other. Mostly I just play the game to experience some crazy under-water immersion.
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User Info: HopalonginEC

2 months ago#8
Assassin's Creed Odyessy. I'm level 56 and really close to the end of the main campaign, probably 3 or 4 missions left. No spoilers here, I was just running around exploring random ? on the map and doing side quests.
I started the game with Project Stream and have continued playing the free Uplay version I got. I enjoy this game much more than I thought I would. All told, I've got 90+ hours into the game!
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User Info: KillerTruffle

2 months ago#9
Haven't played anything yet today (still at work), but played a little Risk of Rain 2 yesterday... not a bad game, but from what I've found it really doesn't seem to have much of any end - once you "beat" it, it just recycles with new enemies, equipment locations, teleporter location, and continuing on with your current difficulty timer. Is there actually an end to it, or is it really just a game where you try to beat your high score, outlast previous runs, etc.? Is there any actual progression over time in the game, or is each run literally a new attempt with no improvements? I did see some things that looked like unlocks for future runs, but I never noticed any difference in new runs after seeing these, so not sure exactly what unlocks, aside from new characters.
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User Info: yohabroha

2 months ago#10
Superrpgman posted...
Here's a topic that I think that we've needed for a while.

there was 2 active topics about the same thing before you made yours, we weren't in need of this.
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