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  3. I am looking to get into PC gaming, what are your opinions on these 3?

User Info: Fade2black001

1 month ago#11
the s[ecs he is looking at an Xbox 1x might be better than what he is looking at for a PC spec wise.
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User Info: vapor0

1 month ago#12
loader963 posted...
vapor0 posted...
Naysaspace posted...
I speak from experience when I say, a $550 laptop is not ideal for anything more than light/casual gaming. Regardless of brand (Most big manufacturers rotate through the same part OEMs anyways, the industry is very mature and thus stable -- the only tangible difference are warranties)

The 2nd is a deal, albeit not much of one. The original price is so highly marked up that the sale is only about 100 bucks cheaper than doing it yourself. See: Plus, it seems they really don't take advantage of what the Ryzen series processors can do, by using single channel, slow ram, SATA SSD instead of NVMe, and a B350. Essentially, everything in this PC is the lowest-end version of it's product line against similar parts.

If you're serious about PC gaming, build your own. It's tough to learn, but easy to master. All you have to do is read, read, read.

I might definitely build one down the line for sure when next gen consoles come. The thing that worries me is thermal paste, making sure cooling is adequate and having proper wiring. I might just go with a laptop for now and try building PC sometime in the next gen.

For peeps that have no one to help them and are nervous about applying paste for the first time, I recommend googling “thermal cpu pads” . Fairly new to market a lot of tech reviewers have tested than and they are right in line with mid range pastes applied correctly. Plus, they are reusable and the hardware reviewers love them for it.

Thanks, gonna look it up now.
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  3. I am looking to get into PC gaming, what are your opinions on these 3?
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