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  3. I'm really considering going PC only next generation

User Info: InuboyNetwork

4 weeks ago#1
Honestly I do not see the point in getting a next generation console when every game I have an interest in will be on PC in some form. For the first couple years I'm sure most games will be multiplat until next gen only games start hitting it and then I can just have a PC ready. Xbox games will be on PC regardless, and most of the third party games I play will be on PC. I will get a PC this year and then I'll be ready for it. Next gen has to really impress me for me to consider buying a new console.
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User Info: VanderZoo

4 weeks ago#2
No chance, I want the PlayStation and Nintendo exclusives. Best games I've played this gen have been PS4 exclusives (Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon, Persona 5, Spider-man, Uncharted 4).

PC for multiplatform games, those two for the 1st party stuff, and any other console exclusive.

The only console I no longer need is Xbox, and this was the first gen where I didn't own one.
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User Info: Digivillain

4 weeks ago#3
I'll be buying a PS5 as well as whatever console Nintendo puts out.

User Info: Bob_Dubbery

4 weeks ago#4
I'm planning to hold off on buying a PS5 until much later in the gen - after a price drop, at the very least. I don't want to miss the exclusives, but I have a PS4 solely for exclusives, and that has mostly been an expensive paperweight so far, and I want the paperweight to be less expensive next gen.

User Info: Kharillle

4 weeks ago#5
Can any console handle VR? I'm holding back, was looking at some dell i7 thingy, then now I'm considering an i9 whasisname. real technical stuff. Looks like if you're going into VR you'll need some real hot machine...
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User Info: SirHeiska

4 weeks ago#6
No point limiting yourself to one gaming platform, unless its a money issue...

Xbox is totally skippable, but Sony and Nintendo has lots of awesome exclusives to miss.
Mobile gaming might be relevant as well.

User Info: Moneymoney

4 weeks ago#7
I always ride with sony so always buy what console they come out with. Had a friend like you went to pc. Spent a lot of money on the computer and I still don't get it. Just do what makes you happy. Want to just pc than do you. Sony all day ever day for me.

User Info: MasterPoker

4 weeks ago#8
Nintendo hasn't put out anything relevant since the end of Wii (I've owned a Wii U and Switch. I don't anymore.) As for the rest, I miss the days of relevant AA and smaller games that couldn't be found on PC, but in a post-360/PS3 world those games just don't exist anymore.

PC+Mobile (Steam Link app) has me covered. Eventually I'll get a GPD Win revision for the go. Who needs a new console generation when your rig can feel new with upgrades? I just got my first 1440p/144-165hz monitor to fit in my triple screen setup, and retired my budget speakers for a mid-tier set yesterday. Feels like a new rig.
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User Info: thegreatsquare

4 weeks ago#9
I'm going the opposite way. PC gaming is becoming very fractured with exclusives and a half-dozen game launchers and counting. I'm better off grabbing a console or two and just a cheap laptop for the games I have now and streaming from consoles once in a while.

The days of the PC master race are ending.
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User Info: Nathanmg

4 weeks ago#10
Always had Sony and Nintendo consoles for exclusives, likely always will.

Only more recently got back into PC (7+ months) for 3rd party stuff.
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