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  3. Can someone help me with using a 4K TV as a second monitor for gaming?

User Info: SpacedDuck

1 month ago#1
So I just picked up a Sony Bravia 900F for my office at home to watch TV on and do some gaming from time to time.

I have my regular 34" Ultra Wide ROG monitor plugged in via Display Port and then my tv will be plugged in via HDMI.

What is the easiest way to get games to fire up on my PC but show up on the TV vs my main monitor?

Am I better off just clicking Windows P and then do second monitor only?

The problem I'm having is when I drag a running game from my main monitor to the TV it never seems to adjust properly to the 4K resolutions or 1080p resolutions if on older games.

I'm also assuming that my TV is capable of gaming well enough on as much as a gaming monitor would be right?

Outside of the higher fps capabilities that is.

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User Info: blacklabelice

4 weeks ago#2
i game on an x930e which is very similar to your panel. i dont know anything about multi display as i dont have a monitor, i only use the tv, and it is great

but i will tell you that in order to get 4k 60hz and hdr and 1080p/1440p 120hz you will need to go into your options and change hdmi video range to full, and change hdmi signal format to enhanced. also you will need to be using a gpu with at least a hdmi 2.0 output, and be using an hdmi cable rated for 18gbps of bandwidth or higher. and will have to have your pc plugged into either the 2nd or 3rd hdmi port. to get 1080p/1440p 120hz with full rgb youll have to go into your nvidia/amd settings and force a custom resolution

it was a bit of a chore to set up, but its totally worth it. i dont know much about multi display, but supposedly the newer nvidia drivers have a bug where alot of secondary screens will experience screen flicker, so you might want to look into that and maybe use an older driver where this stuff isnt an issue.
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  3. Can someone help me with using a 4K TV as a second monitor for gaming?
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