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  3. Far Cry New Dawn discounted 50% a month after release

User Info: ArcadeGuy

1 month ago#1
$20 USD

Now is a good time to buy the game.
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User Info: ThisIsAKnoife

1 month ago#2
doubt there’s ever a good time to buy the game
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
1 month ago#3
V was horrible
This is even worse.
The whole franchise has become embarrassing.
They need to hire some adults.

User Info: nominturddaddy

1 month ago#4
The only Far Cry I have played was Blood Dragon, and I had to put it down because the constant Laser Quest visuals really hurt my eyes.
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User Info: mobile_jukester

1 month ago#5
I still need to play the 3 rerelease. First game i played and made me really like the series. Has been downhill since 3.
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User Info: Monopoman

1 month ago#6
4 is a pretty good game the only reason 3 is better because the main villain is more impressive in 3.

5 is kind of dumb though I agree...

User Info: Delta_Force

1 month ago#7
Give it two more months and it will be $15
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User Info: Naysaspace

1 month ago#8
How many skrillex flamethrower missions are there?

f*** the rest of the game. Just make it one big flamethrower battle arena with skrillex music blasting on 11 the whole time. s*** BE LIT, FELLOW KIDS!
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User Info: uniballer92

1 month ago#9
I've been enjoying the series since 3, New Dawn is actually pretty alright, definitely worth $20. If you liked the others, you'll like this one
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User Info: Nemerlight

1 month ago#10
Liked 5 so might grab this too.
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