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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

1 month ago#21
OS is like 40GB. 128GB is enough for just OS and basic programs. 256 will handle OS, basic programs, and a few games. 512 will handle os, programs, and a bunch of games.
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User Info: KrankyKat

1 month ago#22
5 second load times intead of 40-60 seconds in ffxv is awesome. ;p IIRC Pillars was sorta bad on 7200rpm too, partly because how often you might enter/exit areas.

But a lot or most games don't have load times that are that bad. Still I went with 1tb ssd because game sizes are getting bigger and there's always that game or three where quick load times keep you from pulling your hair out.

Most can go on the hdd tho. :)
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User Info: SilentCaay

1 month ago#23
1) Most games don't benefit much from an SSD so you don't have to install them to it. You only get appreciable benefits if it has significant load times or if it's an open world stream-loaded game. If you don't go installing a ton of stuff to it, that SSD should be fine.

2) The Vive doesn't take up any more room than the Rift. In fact, since it only uses 2 basestations compared to the Rift's 3 cameras and those basestations have a much wider "FOV" that can track right up to the wall they're attached to, the Vive is actually better for smaller spaces. You'll be able to use more of the space you have without worrying about blindspots created by being too close to the Rift's cameras.

I don't know why the Rift got a reputation for being better in smaller spaces. The Vive is better in larger spaces since the basestations cover a larger area than the Rift's cameras but the opposite isn't true. Vive just flat out has the best tracking in all situations, barring not being able to hang external tracking equipment at all, in which case you would need inside-out tracking like that found on WMR headsets or the upcoming HTC Cosmos.
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