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  3. Is playing VR without glasses doable?

User Info: threedown

1 month ago#11
Vr is fine for me without glasses but my vision isn't too bad. I really only wear them when I'm gaming or driving, even then I don't all the time.
I tried to wear them in the rift but it was super uncomfortable, but in the Odyssey+ my glasses fit better. Without glasses the rift is still the more comfortable headset for me but it's nice to be able to use them in the Odyssey+.
Ive never had fogging issues either way.

User Info: CurryBadger

1 month ago#12
I got prescription inserts from widmo. They were like $70, totally worth it.

User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

1 month ago#13
I've only used the samsung vr headset and was able to get it to work without glasses.
I am guessing that the knob at the top did not work for you as it did me.

User Info: RiotJune

1 month ago#14
Didn't know about the lenses inserts, that's actually a smart idea.

User Info: Borticus1

1 month ago#15
My wife does, but she's nearsighted. She actually loves it; for once she can 'see' things that are far away.

My daughter wears her glasses inside the VR set. But the HTC Vive has a knob that moves the lenses further from your eyes to allow for glasses.
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  3. Is playing VR without glasses doable?
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