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User Info: Lucavi000

1 month ago#11
Shouldnt have any power limitations with any single card solution if you have 500+ which is pretty much a standard these days
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User Info: zhenghan

1 month ago#12
the asus strix 1050 ti will probably be silent though (mine is actually silent in my antec 900), not sure about rx 570 with twice the power consumption and twice the heat generated....

i would go for 1650 or hell even 1660/1660ti if price isn't very important for you and you need something more powerful than 1050 ti.

the rx 570 is really just an overclocked rx 470. it's based off an old architecture (polaris) and they just upped the clocks. if you wait a bit you can grab a navi that should have a strong card for 75-120W as well.
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User Info: 32x2z

1 month ago#13
I’d grab a 570 and overclock. My old 1050ti is weak sauce compared to my current card.
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