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  3. Having a 59Hz monitor sucks.

User Info: Voxwik

1 month ago#21
theswatleader posted...
Voxwik posted...
Borticus1 posted...
Why 59Hz? Everything's done in multiples of 30....

Somewhere, an engineer is laughing at us all.

Actually that's not true sadly. 144Hz is somehow a thing remember. I guess it's divisible by 24.

It is mind boggling to me that such an inferior frame rate is still used for movies.

watching a movie at anything other than 24hz is weird. but also most of what we call 60hz, or when a game runs at 60hz, is actually just 59hz. Just the way it is or what the counter is saying it is. even if it is 60.

It's only weird because people are used to an inferior old-fashioned movie format.

It's still not as bad as fake film grain though: intentionally degrading image quality to be "artsy."

User Info: MasterShot2k5

1 month ago#22
Because for some monitors, losing the extra .1 hz actually makes it more efficient with the tech available from a voltage perspective as well as keeping it alive.

It's baffling and annoying how .1 makes a difference among what is literally about 599 individual hertz of power, but in the wise words of a JoJo fan. . . It. Just. Works.
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  3. Having a 59Hz monitor sucks.
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