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User Info: BeuclairDrunk

5 days ago#1
I feel CRT monitors had much better blacks and higher refresh rates to modern LCD monitors. I also liked how the top of a CRT monitor could be used as a shelf for more games, soft drinks, etc.

I wish there were still companies that sold CRT monitors. I remember NEC had a 22 inch CRT monitor that was amazing.

User Info: zhenghan

5 days ago#2
No , flickering hurts my eyes. As far as refresh rate goes my lcd is 180hz and i dont need that high.
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User Info: Heracylost

5 days ago#3
No, I like the clarity and not 60 pound monitors.
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User Info: 32x2z

5 days ago#4
I miss degaussing. I just want a button that mimics degauss but does nothing.
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User Info: somebody336

5 days ago#5
Definitely. It's inconvenient for me to get one atm, but I would love to play older games on them again.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 days ago#6
There are things I miss about CRTs, but I can't really use them anymore, since the flickering at the edge of my peripheral vision is super nasty.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

5 days ago#7
Heracylost posted...
No, I like the clarity and not 60 pound monitors.


User Info: dunebeetle

5 days ago#8
Honestly the only thing holding CRT's from ever making a comeback is the weight. Some TV's were so heavy they would probably be deemed illegal in today's age.

User Info: KillerTruffle

5 days ago#9
BeuclairDrunk posted...
I feel CRT monitors had much better blacks

I'm not sure I agree there. They often had great *contrast*, but the screens actually looked kind of gray even when they were completely off, so I don't know about better blacks. If there was a CRT out there with a truly black screen (while it's off), then yes, it would have better blacks, since on CRT, no light is generated from black pixels, while on LCD, the backlight is simply being blocked. OLED is superior in that case though, because it also has true blacks (no light emitted, rather than light being blocked).

BeuclairDrunk posted...
and higher refresh rates to modern LCD monitors

I don't know about this either - the majority of CRTs were still around 60-80Hz or so, although there were some that could go much higher. I don't recall any CRTs that were up in the 144+ range though, although that could just be that I never owned one.

The big advantage I remember CRTs having is response times were much higher (not the same thing as refresh rate), they could handle a wide variety of resolutions while looking better than LCD did (no worries about "native" resolution and stuff), no dead pixels, etc.

Honestly though, I don't miss them. They were huge, bulky, heavy, hard to move or organize space for, and current LCD tech has much better brightness, contrast, and more vivid colors.

I did have a fantastic little 13" CRT that could literally display any resolution and refresh rate combo you threw at it - my roommate at the time would always borrow it because he kept trying to find better resolution combos for his crappy monitor, and would inevitably create an out-of-range problem that would blank his monitor, so he'd plug mine in, and it just worked. Every single time, no matter what settings he chose. Even then though, it was bulky and heavy for a 13" screen, and I don't exactly miss it.


And the #1 biggest reason I'm GLAD we don't have CRTs any more - that damn 60Hz flicker. I *hated* staring at the screen typing in Word or something where most of the screen was white, because I always got headaches from seeing it constantly flicker at 60Hz. LCDs don't have the flicker refresh problem, so they're fine even at 60Hz.
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User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
5 days ago#10
They certainly had the best picture quality in terms of blacks and contrast compared to a monitor... You cannot get the same picture quality today out of a monitor that you can with an OLED, or even a 1080p plasma.
Combo Master
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