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  3. EA cancels open world Star Wars game

User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
1 month ago#1

Well, f***. I was really looking forward to this.
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User Info: Voxwik

1 month ago#2
I'm still annoyed against the canceling of an adventure game. I can't believe I trusted that EA would support Mass Effect: Andromeda too, which I didn't think was that terrible and their leaving everything hanging is annoying.

I don't trust EA for single player experiences anymore. Granted this one wasn't going to be single player.

User Info: hardy3786

1 month ago#3
"Single player games is dead"

User Info: el_tercer_poder

1 month ago#4
hardy3786 posted...
"Single player games is dead"

It's easy for them to make that claim when they are the ones "killing" single player projects to begin with...
On a related note, I hope Disney doesn't renew their contract with EA after SWBF2's disaster.
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User Info: yohabroha

1 month ago#5
Yeah I'm not sure how the contract is set up but Disney has to be aware of the fact that this publisher has made a grand total of 2 games since purchasing the license and cancelled the same amount after investing a lot of money into them. Hell, Warner Bros doesn't even have the license and they've made a better game than both Battlefronts since EA got the license. They're essentially pissing money away by not releasing a Star Wars game at least annually.

There were rumors early last year that Disney would strip it away. Maybe EA was fighting to keep it all year and finally lost. Whatever, give it to Ubisoft at this point, they'll reskin an Assassin's Creed and have it out by the holidays.
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User Info: VanderZoo

1 month ago#6
I hope Disney takes note of how successful Spider-man was when they gave it to Sony instead of Activision, and likewise takes Star Wars away from EA and gives it to publishers that care.
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User Info: blacklabelice

1 month ago#7
you know i got a funny feeling that EA canned it because they figure they got the perfect formula to try to milk gamers wallets dry, and figure theyll be able to swindle alot of money out of the deal but no amount of money is enough for EA, and they dont want disney getting any of that, so theyre gonna can it, change up the skins, and herp it out as a "different" game so they can get every penny of the sales.

call me a tin foil hat guy, but i wouldnt put it past such a piece of s*** company for doing something like that
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

1 month ago#8
EA Does it again!


Why does EA Hate star wars: so much?
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

1 month ago#9
Just as well, EA are getting good are messing up Star Wars. The only good ones we've had since 2011 have been Lego games which are cookie-cutter titles.
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User Info: HypnoCoosh

1 month ago#10
hardy3786 posted...
"Single player games is dead"

Well they should know that I for one exclusively play single player games only.

I don't do online games, that s*** is garbage to me.
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