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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

4 weeks ago#51
Fade2black001 posted...
doughnutman posted...
Because opinions.
You dont like them. A lot of people do.

I like them because my PC has a color scheme.

How stupid is this? I mean how often does one stare at the inside of their case?

it's not about staring at the inside of your case it's called having a theme for your pc or overall game room etc
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User Info: Lonestar2000

4 weeks ago#52
RGB is ugly and tacky.
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User Info: gpo1zephyranthes

4 weeks ago#53
As a hardcore gamer, I don't usually go out. RGB lighting makes me feel that I'm inside a club and partying.

User Info: Rud3Bwoy

4 weeks ago#54
I think by most of these comments you can clearly tell they don't read,most don't get rgb for rainbow effect but the customization fo colors that they can use with there rigs rather than having to swap out fans down the road etc
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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

4 weeks ago#55
muskegon03 posted...
MHblade posted...
For people with RGBs can you turn them off via software/BIOS or do you actually have to manually disconnect it when you want it off? Just wondering cause if you can turn it off with a software/BIOS i’ll probably go full RGB on my next PC.

Yes you can just make sure the motherboard is RGB compatible or some comes with a remote like I have if you don't want to use the motherboard

yes software but what i would advise is get all your rgb stuff from one company,everything i have is from corsair other than my mobo and case rgb everything is controlled within the icue software

as you can see there,even my case i heard there was a wire i can buy for corsair icue to pick it up but haven't tried it yet
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

4 weeks ago#56
Let people do wtf they want with their house room and furniture

God damn it.. we can say whatever we want but God forbid that we don't all but the exact same s*** from pottery barn and than berate those that like to be different.

I love RGB and I don't have it. I'm jelly as f***
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User Info: Boge

4 weeks ago#57
GeseztKatze posted...
Boge posted...
My RGB comes from my monitor screen. Any other lights better be off or immersion is broken. I want my PC hardware to be silent and invisible.

This is me all day. My case is very discreet, just black with a Corsair logo on it, my keyboad and mouse couldn't look more ordinary. All the set up is in black.

I know it's my opinion but anything "gaming" for pc, for me, looks very awful and unappealing.

For those saying "it's just a different taste", my question is more in the sense of why people like it. For example, I like ordinary apperances in general but for the PC I think it's more elegant to have a very subdue system in appearance with lots of power in it. It's like hidden potention. A PC with a bunch of lights to me it's just a show off: "look at me, I'm a GAMING PC... you know, for GAMES. Have I told you I'm a PC for GAMES?"

And I think is very unecessary too. Like a gaming Keyboard. Why highlight WASD and directional? Don't gamers know those are the keys to be pressed in general? What about ESDF?

I side with you 100%. I like a plain case, something just classy, like Fractal puts out. Ditch the colors, ditch the fancy angles. Give me something sleek and simple. Make it dark so it's less noticeable. I put it under my desk so it's less visible and less noisy. Turn any lights off on my mouse or keyboard (if they even have any. Make them dark also. If I'm looking at something other than my screen, then I'm doing it wrong.

Oh...and yeah, forget WASD....ESDF for life!! Home row, baby!!
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