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  3. What game(s) are you currently playing with your significant other?

User Info: PsychoticFury

1 month ago#1
Trying to find new games to play with my girlfriend in order to ease her into gaming. Would love to hear from some couples on what games are good for this and that you guys have found to be entertaining to play together lately?

User Info: WoodenRook

1 month ago#2

Probably the best Youtube channel for what you're asking for. I had a lot of success with Breath of the Wild and Castle Crashers.
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User Info: 32x2z

1 month ago#3
Don’t starve together.
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User Info: HeliosMagi

1 month ago#4
"Significant other?" "Girlfriend?" "Couple?" What kinda foreign language you speaking?
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User Info: jake-sf

1 month ago#5
Well, if playing with my young niece is anything to go by, she loved Minecraft, Terraria and Stardew Valley. Also Overcooked.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

1 month ago#6
32x2z posted...
Don’t starve together.

Bah I'm jealous.

Overcooked and some NES games like Jackal and Life Force.
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User Info: Kokuei05

1 month ago#7
Maplestory 2.
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

1 month ago#8
Portal 2's co-op campaign is in general really good for co-oping with someone new to video games. It will get them used to first-person controls and be an overall cooperative thinking experience that requires a puzzle-solving thought process rather than a game mechanic-savvy one (which is important for someone who doesn't play many or any video games) if you haven't already been through the puzzles yourself, and there's community workshop mods for co-op puzzles even if you have.

A word of general advice: It's fine to give advice, but never outright take controls away from them to "show how it's done." That's completely counter-intuitive to getting them to understand and enjoy the interactive side of the hobby.
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 month ago#9
Beat Em Up games are always a winner with the wife: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Castle Crashers, and Fight 'n' Rage for example.

We've gotten some quality Terraria time going as well.

Mario Party and Mario Kart, obviously.

And most recently: Robo Recall (Oculus Rift exclusive, but you can use ReVive to get it working on the Vive). Granted, not everybody has access to a VR setup. But yeah, it turns out that grabbing robots and ripping their heads off and then using their tattered remains as a shield while you shoot their robo-allies is an instant classic.

Also, if you just want to hook her on games, The Sims is the perfect gateway drug.

User Info: protools1983

1 month ago#10
Hide the Salami

(sorry, had to)
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