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User Info: CutiePatooty462

4 weeks ago#31
Sins of a Solar Empire, huge scope and takes hours to finish. - - - /// Qt462

User Info: Comrade1914

4 weeks ago#32
Civ 5 it goes on sale often and its cheap
Alpha Centauri Civ in space
Distant Worlds Universe it has a high learning curve
Star Wars Rebellion its an old 4X game but with Star Wars
Heroes of Might and Magic go for 3, best on in the series

If you want some crazy in depth 4X gameplay, go for Aurora. It has an intensely high learning curve but you can do almost anything. It's customization is so ridiculous.

Avoid Civ Beyond Earth. It's no Alpha Centauri and it pales in comparison with other civ games.

User Info: Voxwik

4 weeks ago#33
I wanted to love Stellaris but its arbitrary garbage in the name of balance annoyed me to no end.

Oh you can't directly share resources between your own sectors without spending some bizarre resource, because reasons. Oh you're bigger? Researching the exact same technology you already were is now slower, because reasons. Want to negotiate? Again some weird social currency.

Multiple ways of transport? Nah, let's just have star lanes and "space terrain" (completely ignoring the nature of space) because balance reasons.

Then there's the stupid no achievements if you aren't locked into auto-save mode. I circumvented that with manual backups and good thing I did because when I beat The Contingency I won the game at the same time, bugging it and not properly ending the crisis. Only manually fixing my save game fixed that, and I wouldn't have been able to do it if they had their way.

I respect their mission, but I just didn't like the leaps of logic to justify the balance mechanics. I don't regret playing it, but it's just too stifling.

User Info: gwwak

4 weeks ago#34
Galciv 3 has research inflation, although that is tied to how many techs you already have. Gal Civ 2 also has social currency called Influence Points, but they got rid of it in the third game. It was way too broken and can easily be used to exploit the AI.
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User Info: Voxwik

4 weeks ago#35
Influence, that's probably the thing I was talking about that I hated in Stellaris.

Again, I respect it from a balance perspective, but it felt arbitrary. Maybe I will try Galactic Civilization 3 some time.

I won't judge the research thing in another game without seeing it. With Stellaris it's your research slows down if you colonize more worlds unless you build more research to compensate. That is nonsensical.

User Info: Grampy_Bone

4 weeks ago#36
Of the ones you list, Stellaris is the only one I keep coming back to over and over again. The potential is just endless:

-Play as the borg, assimilate planets, convert species and tinker with them to your liking
-Be the god-emperor, enslave your own population for religious happiness
-Kill all the xenos, build super weapons to blow up planets or viruses to cleanse them of all life
-Techno-empire, build your race into cyborgs, develop sentient AI then watch as it turns against you
-Space-pacifists, build a federation of peaceful species, lock away hostile planets in a permanent impenetrable shield ala SC2
-Live completely in space habitats, build a perfect utopian ringworld, harness the power of a star with a dyson sphere.
-Have your species converted into a new race by an alien virus; embrace the change or fight a civil war
-Fight off an invasion of extradimensional beings or the zerg
-Watch as the whole galaxy draws lines in a massive war between all empires when old rivals "awaken" and start expanding

Stellaris isn't just one 4X game, it's practically all of them.
Sub Sole Nihil Novi

User Info: KillerTruffle

4 weeks ago#37
For those recommending Stellaris, I'm super interested in the game, but what about all the recent negative reviews that the last update or two broke the AI, you can't actually complete a game since the patch, etc.?
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User Info: chandl34

4 weeks ago#38
It seems like all of Paradox recent titles have bad AI. They don't want to risk frustrating the player by making the game difficult, even on hard difficulties. Even so, I still got a lot of fun out of CK2, before I realized how broken it was.
... even on Earth Mode.
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