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User Info: SystemEgo

1 month ago#1
Read the OP! - Results (66 votes)
Civ V
15.15% (10 votes)
Civ VI
19.7% (13 votes)
GalCiv 3
9.09% (6 votes)
28.79% (19 votes)
Other game that might appeal - state in post if so
27.27% (18 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Have played Civs 2-4 to death and thoroughly enjoyed GalCiv2 too.

Recently got a new PC and, as such, can play a few more recent games now. I've heard that Civ IV is still meant to be the best in the series but I've played it and many of it's mods to death so am looking for something fresh (well to me at least, I realise that none of the above are that recent).

The two Civs and GalCiv 3 are there because of how much I liked the previous entries in the series. I stumbled across Stellaris and it almost seemed like a spiritual successor. I've heard about the random tech tree doesn't bother me honestly (and least I don't think it would).

So, all suggestions welcome! Preferably with reasoning - especially if it's a game I've not mentioned. I know that there are various dlc and expansion packs for all of them too, so if there are any that improve the game significantly or are just seen as 'must-haves' in general then let us know too please.

Poll's there mainly for a tiebreak if I can't make my mind up after peoples comments :)
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 month ago#2
I don't usually play newer 4x games because whenever I do I'm let down. Civ 4 is still my favorite Civ game, closely followed by Alpha Centauri which is Civ 2 on a foreign planet with great additions.

The 4x game I play the most of is probably Master of Orion 2, which is a Win95-era game. For turn-based in space, it's never been matched in my opinion. Lots of ways to play because of the massive differences between races (including custom races), and you can customize your ships for combat - in ways that are much more interesting than what GalCiv offers, in my opinion.

User Info: CurryBadger

1 month ago#3
Civ vi. There is a demo so you can try before you buy.

User Info: anonymous46773

1 month ago#4
Warlock: Master of the Arcane was really fun. I was told the second improved in some ways, but I only played the first one.
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
1 month ago#5
Civ V with all the DLC is extremely good

Civ VI is also good, it has some things that are definitely better than 5, and some things that are definitely worse. It's hard to really say which one I prefer over all, but after playing 6, it's hard to go back to 5 because it's missing some very nice mechanics from 6 like districts.

Gal Civ 3 I hear good things about, but I've not played it much at all

Stellaris is really good too, and you can get a ton of play time out of it

Endless Legend isn't on the list but should be, as it's one of the best 4X games

I would say, decide on kind of the setting you want.

If you want history, and normal Civ style, Civ 5 or 6. 5 is cheaper than 6, but 6 is newer and about to get a new expansion, so if you start playing now you'll likely be at your prime when the expansion comes out

If you want space, Stellaris is very good.

If you want fantasy-ish, Endless Legends is really, really good
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User Info: KillerTruffle

1 month ago#6
Yeah, I'd actually suggest Endless Legend for something a bit different. Sounds like you've "played the others to death," so Endless Legend might actually interest you.
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User Info: Neroon

1 month ago#7
Another vote for Endless Legend from me.
If you're looking to get into Paradox Games I'd recommend CK2 rather than Stellaris. That one is way more different from the 4X fare you played so far than Stellaris.

User Info: richisdisturbed

1 month ago#8
Is Endless Legend that good then? I heard it was overly complicated and took a long time to understand, hence why I've never bothered trying it. I'm sure I have 1 & 2 in my library.

My vote went to Civ 6, much better game now than on first release, you can also get the 'gold' edition now (I'm sure it's called gold), that includes all DLC so far up until the new expansion due next month, which looks amazing by the way, those natural disasters are something else!

Stellaris is also a great shout, I haven't played it since the massive overhaul update they had last year, but I heard it only got better than it was, & it was already pretty good.

GalCiv 3 is another great shout, but Stellaris is better.
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User Info: ElDudorino

1 month ago#9
richisdisturbed posted...
Is Endless Legend that good then? I heard it was overly complicated and took a long time to understand, hence why I've never bothered trying it.

Honestly, I didn't like it. It moves very very slowly and the tech tree is indeed needlessly difficult to learn (although that problem obviously resolves itself with time). After reaching a certain point it just feels like doing anything takes an eternity and that is a big turnoff for me. I also don't like that cities have fixed locations in their 'regions.' A lot of games do that but in Endless Legend the way the regions are set up felt illogical to me. The combat is also kinda bad despite some great ideas.

User Info: -5xad0w-

1 month ago#10
I'll throw a curveball:
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